Monday, December 28, 2009


My ex-daughter-in-law has started a zoo on Facebook.


Everytime I read that email, all that comes to mind are baboons and red bums.



R.H. said...

Hi there, I don't comment often, but it's nice to check in now and again. So what do you mean by zoo? And facebook, big mystery to me.
Bingo tonight, two cream scones, jam donut, three potato cakes, two dim sims, three or four cups of tea and assorted lollies. One of the old dolls there reckons she's so bouncy lately she's getting disc brakes put on her walking frame. How's that.

Chick Magnet.

Arija said...

Just found you on Elisabeth's blog and popped over. I like what i read and totally commiserate with your efforts at 'Looking after Mum'. We've been there too and oh what fun it was when she was no longer strictly compus mentus.

I wish you a Happy and stress tree New Year.

River said...

Facebook is already a zoo. A relative of mine has a farm on there.

River said...

@R.H. What do you mean you don't comment often??

R.H. said...

I mean compared to you.

You're wordier than a pimp during a police raid.

JahTeh said...

Well Robbbert, that remark will remove you from River's Christmas mince pie list for next year.

River, I gather you mean a real farm, with animals and stuff. (I will put myself down for Rh's pies for next year)

Arija, fortunately she's picked up no end since she's been at the nursing home where it has a routine, great nurses, good food and mental stimulation. Physically she'll deteriorate but after 3 monster years, we're enjoying her company again.

Chick Magnet!!! Laughs at Robbert the food magnet. Did you eat them in that order? You must have a stomach like a cement mixer.
Word Verification is Fangst, that's our Robbert.

R.H. said...

In that order yes, pretty much. That's bingo, everything random. And they smile, curse, laugh, lose their dough: a lifetime in three hours.

R.H. said...


Get down to Mentone Post Office, The RH Temple of Extreme Thought has fired off another missile (addressed to 'Jahteh') you will like it.

(Don't do the Bump with the postmaster, he's skinny and wears glasses.)


JahTeh said...

Rh, last time you did that I had to beg for the parcel since I couldn't prove who I was. I think I've still got the envelope with your address which might do.

Why do I get the feeling it will contain two cream scones, jam donut, three potato cakes, two dimsims and assorted lollies?

R.H. said...
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R.H. said...