Thursday, December 10, 2009


It's taken from the 19th November to 9th of December with settling date of January 15 so if anyone is thinking of selling their house, try Aitken Real Estate. They couldn't have been more helpful, they don't believe in auctions and try to match a group of buyers to a certain house.

I walked to the bus stop in the pouring rain on Tuesday to make sure the signed papers were delivered to the solicitor and I was drowned so I hopped on a bus to Southland where it was dry inside. I remembered it was cheap movie day but the line was full of little twihards so I counted up the loot and booked in for Gold Class. 2012 is a movie you have to see on the big screen for the special effects. Really great when you're sitting there watching tsunamis coming from all directions and you're right in character by being soaking wet.

Yesterday was spent dragging a 7 foot bookcase down the hallway, after I dragged out all the sewing things I'd stuffed down there out of the way. Then they had to go back but there's enough room to put the books and videos on the shelves. I have to make room for the next consignment from mother's place and that is the last. I'm still packing knickknacks for the op-shop including my own. I've donated my 16 place china setting to the home for their residents parties but who would have thought I'd need a wharfie to haul plates. The boxes weigh a tonne.
Time to pull in a few favours from anyone with a ute.

Today was paying the home to keep her there, dragging down to Mentone with 3 parrot seed bells and filling in for the bingo caller. My mother making promises I can't keep. I walked past a sparkly Christmas tree and did a 180, the ceramic tree I'd lugged down was on the sideboard and it looked fantastic. I really liked it probably because it didn't involve stringing Christmas lights and putting Christmas dolls and bears and tinsel and crap all over mum's windows.

Tomorrow I'm going to be so tired I'm spending the day in bed with several books and a block of chocolate and trying not to think about the 100 or so CDs that need to go in the CD tower or that the coffee set that should be so shiny in the mirrored cabinet is a gross shade of black or that I'm running out of knickers again.


R.H. said...

House sold?

How much?

$580,000, that's my guess.

JahTeh said...

Nowhere near that Rh, and half of it goes on her debts but 28thou over the asking price. Now to keep the thieving centrelink sticky fingers away from it.

R.H. said...

Centrelink! What swine!

(Don't pay her debts, say you lost it at the casino.)

River said...

Throw a sheet over the mirrored cabinet so that you can't see the coffee set. Ignore the cd's for one more day. Take more than one block of chocolate when propping up in bed with books otherwise you'll have to disrupt ypurself when you run out and have to get to the pantry for more. I'm glad the house is sold.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, I thought you were a gentleman, it's not honourable to run from one's family's debts. It will be a pleasure to piss off the NAB mastercard and AGL. I hate the casino, the local and $50 is my style.

River, Ignoring the Cds will be easy, I can't get to them for crockery over the floor but I did make a start on sorting out the books, 3 for me, 1 for op-shop.
The house sale is only the start, change her pension to the other bank, hide the money, re-direct mail, ring the council and have the cat registered in my name because of the microchip. The list is endless.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Great news, JT!!! Now, can you send some buyers our way??

R.H. said...

The RH Temple of Extreme Thought is for sale as well. Unfortunately it has a bad reputation,lots of visits from police and Jehovahs Witnesses; I can't tell them apart anymore.

Anonymous said...

This post should be preserved. I don't think I have ever read positive comment about real estate agents.

Jayne said...

Now, plan some projects to keep yourself busy after you've finished re-arranging the house.

Kath Lockett said...

GREAT news and done in record time!

JahTeh said...

Muriels, I thought of your trying to sell as ours was going so fast but at least I wasn't trying to buy a house as well. To give you heart, our agent said before Christmas is a good time to sell which surprised me.

Robbert, that's easy, police carry big sticks, Jehovah's carry big Bibles and knowing your luck they'll both bash you.

Andrew, my mother always said Aitken were the best and I can't fault her on that. Their commission is a bit more than the other agents but I'm gladly paying up.

Jayne, my mother is planning on my becoming a care home bingo caller and to forestall this, I don't intend to clear up the mess until next July.

Kath, I'm glad the agent said not to worry about doing anything to it and I think the BrickOutHouse did a wonderful job keeping the kitchen clean and hiding his clothes in a wardrobe even if he did shut the cat in with them for a whole day.

Middle Child said...

So pleased and before christmas - I hope you treat sure have put in the hard yards