Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have an Orb spider. The first one for years but did it have to spin the web between the Mandarin tree and my bedroom window then do a 180 turn and spin it across my window?
I can't wait for the first AGL gas reader to hit it head on.

In the cool of tonight I washed my hair and wound a towell around it until I had put the tea on.
Ran some gel through and combed. Combed a giant silverfish out of my hair eeeww! He was nicely dead and very clean but I really hope he was hiding in the towell.

I have a big red rashy bite on my shoulder blade from something that fell out of a tree and down my dress. I can get anti-itch cream on it by pretending to be a contortionist and dislocating the other shoulder. I have no idea what it was but I did a thorough search of all clothes.

I've had a word with the Orb. I won't spray it with lethal chemicals if it eats everything else in the garden except the cat. The cat has been de-flea'd and better stay that way or I'll have another chat with the Orb.


Jayne said...

Orbs are wonderful 8 legged freaks, J, I am harbouring a fair few in the wilderness loosely termed "garden", with damselflies and dragonflies birthing in my many water containers this year.

Elisabeth said...

There's an orb spider floating around in a blog somewhere . i read about it in the last six months. Perhaps it was on your blog or a related blog. I have never come in contact with an orb spider the term is new to me. It fascinates me nevertheless.

Was it an earwig or a silverfish you found in your hair? I read your post quickly. Both those chaps are familiar to me.

Take care for your de-flead cat. These orb spiders sound to me to be large and dangerous.

R.H. said...

I was up that tree all day, took ages for you to come past.

Department of Social Enquiry, Monash.

Anonymous said...

I ain't sayin' nowt about cobwebs.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, I haven't seen one in the garden for years. In the early days one had a web stretching from the fence to the Acer tree which stopped anyone wandering down the drive.

Elisabeth, that would be Pavlov's Cat who has posted brilliant photos of her pet Orb. Their web is enormous, very strong and sticky and they usually come back every year (or their offspring) to the same spot. They aren't dangerous but panic sets in if one gets caught in the web. I suppose it'll be the Huntsman season next. First rule of divorce, learn how to take out your own spiders.
A very clean silverfish it was and also very dead by the time I'd finished with it.

Thank you Robbert, you just reminded me of an old 30s movie called the Leopard Man who used to sit in trees and drop on his victims. ABC1 shows it late at night.

And I won't say anything about earthquakes and highrise buildings.
HawtAndrew, did you go and see '2012' the movie? Buildings fallings into large holes in the earth, brilliant.

JahTeh said...
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River said...

I'm not exactly sure what an orb spider is, I'll google it in a minute. When I first moved here I had a spider that would spin a huge web every night from the carport post to the sugar maple tree and he would take it down again when the sun came up. I had to be sure and not walk through it every morning on my way to work. I haven't seen him or the web for two years now.

hazelblackberry said...

Can we please not mention the huntsmen. Please. Whimper.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen the movie. Time is a luxury. Do say a prayer for me when I am crushed between two slabs of concrete. vasli