Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's been a joyful day again, full of lovely stress and dealing with lovely people who are forced to work for moronic companies who couldn't tell bum from nose or in the colourful vernacular, wouldn't know if a yellow cab was up them until the doors flew open.
SE Water put a direct debit through on a house that was sold on Jan. 15. I pointed out that I'd stopped the DDs before that and why hadn't I had a final account? Ah, people who love me, the final account doesn't arrive until the solicitor sends in the papers of sale and then it takes up to two weeks to arrive at the place where they scab money from the punters. I'll get a refund though.
AGL next. What would we do for complaints without that empire of incompetance? I've paid the electricity account and ring up for the final gas account. The final total seems very small so I ask for a complete check. "Oh my," she says, "that was a mess." She goes away to confer with accounts expert and the money goes up but not as much as I thought it would. Apparently when I ring for a total, they give me electricity and gas together even though I 've finalized one. The account will arrive shortly.
Centrelink Confusion Office did exactly that so I grabbed every piece of paper that I might need and decide to arrive in person. That's after I print out the bank statement. That's when the printer fritzed itself so I hand write everything. While I'm copperplating the account, the wind outside goes bang and so does my phone wire and internet connection. Panic because I haven't securely logged out of my bank account. Much swearing and more credits used up on the mobile trying to get a taxi.
Centrelink un-confuses me. Lets me use their computer to print out the bank statement and I'm impressed at the speed. I might consider broadband except for what comes next. All mum's details are being processed. Her pension will go down but I can put most of the money in a high interest savings account and leave what I like in her cheque account. Hopefully they don't decide to put up the accommodation fee while the pension is going down. I see the bank tomorrow and do all of this then piss off the NAB for not giving me a cheque book and just annoying me in general.
Trundle up to grab a cab to see mother when I pass the Gem shop, almost pass the Gem shop.
I must go in, I need to find out if Grandmother's ring has diamonds or glass. Neither, they are man-made spinels but quite good quality for the 30s so I arrange to have the missing one replaced. (don't think of cost) While I'm here I might as well buy the two CZs to go with my alexandrite, man-made but still has a lovely colour change from purple to smokey green. So they were inexpensive, might as well have a look at citrines to go with the Peridot. Pissy colours but so we go looking in the more expensive tray. Two trillion cut rich brown/red garnets later and I'm signing for quotes for two rings that will make me very happy until I get the quotes.
Happiness lasts until I try to phone mum and tell her about Nana's ring. Optusnet informs me that this number has been disconnected. Didn't I spend most of Monday on the phone to optusnuts making sure it was connected? Of course I did. Tomorrow I'm going up there and I'm going to break that little halfwit's legs and I can do it because I'm bigger than he is and I only have to fall on him completely by accident to do damage.
There was my day and it hasn't finished, I'm on the third Gin and tonic and I can still type. I'll need a fourth to calm down as a whole Toblerone didn't do a thing. It'll be the pills next or the Port.


Ann ODyne said...

oh dear christ Coppy.
ya can't believe how shit just keeps happening.
VOODOO - we should do vodoo on em all.
mwah mwah

Brian Hughes said...

"I'm on the third Gin and tonic and I can still type."

Would that be glass or bottle?

R.H. said...

Oh my goodness, I need a panadol.
The only thing missing was kitty litter and Aunt Selma.

Ozfemme said...

Please come and stay. The kitties would love to sit on you. All three of them, at once.

We have gin here in South Australia.

Ozfemme said...

Never fall on anyone accidentally.

It should always be done with purpoes.


Unknown said...

I do like Ann's idea. How satisfying to stick a needle in or burn them over the stove burner.

BwcaBrownie said...

because I am stuck in a house with a radio blaring all day in every room and outside as well, I now know there is an advertised service for pensioners which claims to "help you deal with centrelink".

should clink not be terribly ashamed that this organisation has to exist.?

River said...

Crikey! I got a headache just reading that lot. Well, the headache was already on its way, but reading about your day didn't help. I hope all the latest stuff-ups work out quickly, and yay on the rings. I hope they don't cost too much. Funny about the phone being disconnected.

JahTeh said...

Annie O, it's the fact that they don't give you all the facts, not at the same time. I nearly did the voodoo thing but I just couldn't stab the penguin through the heart.

Swine, Fleetwood. My liver barely makes it just looking at the label.

Robbert, the kitty litter was today. Sparkly kitty litter FFS.

Good one Oz, you not only have kitties and gin, you have Pencils and Noise and I'm not that crazy.

HawtAndrew, I need a new hard drive. (make of that as you will)

Bwca, I must say they've been great dealing with me in person but that's probably to get me out of the building before the meltdown.

River, I've already changed the design of the rings which means I'll have to go back to the shop. I just get so excited at all the pretties, I can't think straight until I get home. I couldn't think straight enough to get home, I couldn't remember my street name, taxi driver thought it was hilarious.

Unknown said...

Unless you are consorting with backpackers in a net cafe, you hard drive is still working. Do a disk scan for errors and a defrag after emptying your temp folders.

Jayne said...

Get the taxi driver to write down exactly what you want before you walk through the door :P