Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well maybe I overdid the rage, no I didn't because I'm still raging.
I found all the film soundtracks I wanted plus the 25th anniversary edition of 'The Jewell in the Crown' for mother's 80th birthday on a website called

I even managed to convert pounds to Aus dollars, got out the credit card and started to fill out the details and the morons, stupid stupid dumb poms don't send to Australia.

@#%%#& and a lot of other swearing.

We took their bloody convicts.

Their government is in debt up to their eyeballs and they don't want good Aussie dollars.



BwcaBrownie said...

plenty on ebayAust at $55 plus 8 postage. says Ships 4-7 days, I will do the deal for you if you like.
also check this I read there-

"This DVD title is coded 2/4 Pal and may require a multi region DVD player to view in Australia. DVD regions are defined as:
* Region 2 - UK & Europe
* Region 4 - Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands,"
Do you know about changing codes on DVDs? info is online.
Let me know

Jayne said...

If they can't recognise good dosh from the former colonials then keep it in-house, J ;)

JahTeh said...

Bwca, I'm trying through the Book Depository at the moment as the one I want is the 4 disc 25th Anniversary edition and has the soundtracks I want and can't get here. Bad experience with Amazon and hate Ebay.
The code thing bothers me as well as I have DVDs which won't play on the new DVD player and mum only has a personal player.
Don't know about changing codes on DVDs. I'd send an email but I think I just said it all.

Jayne, I would love to but this place had everything I needed and I've been looking for ages.

Joan said...

Don't be too angry with 'us'. The US DVDs are probably in a different format that won't play in Oz.

River said...

What?? That's crazy! How can they not send to Australia? They're on our flag for heavens sakes! Send them a strongly worded email suggesting they should, then buy elsewhere. ebay, amazon, I'm sure there's others....

River said...

Just read your answer to Bwca, never mind what I said.

River said...

The following instructions came on a little card with my new dvd player.
1. power on the dvd player
2. eject/open dvd tray
3. while tray is open, press 9879 on the remote
4. then press 0 on the remote
5. turn the power off
6. turn player on again and it is now multi region
7. please retain this card for future reference.

I don't see why this wouldn't work for all brands, give it a try.

JahTeh said...

Joan, I couldn't understand why the DVD would play on the old one but not the shiny new one. It plays on the computer and the personal DVD player but I'm going to try River's instructions.

River, I'm having no end of trouble with microsoft shutting down my print spooler every time I shut down so now I'm going in to my computer and turning it on manually. Microsoft's fixit doesn't.

I tells ya, I'm terminally pissed off with computers and life in general. This might pass if I take enough painkillers tonight.

Brian Hughes said...

"We took their bloody convicts."

And in return you sent us Rolf Harris.

'Nuff said.

BwcaBrownie said...

Rolf Harris ? his irritation level PALES alongside
Kathy Lette's,
Ddaannii Mynogue's, and
Dr Pamela Stephenson Connolly.

JahTeh said...

We only sent you one Rolf and one wobble board. You sent us half the balmy aristocrasy and every pickpocket in London.

Bwca, You shouldn't have reminded him, he'll never let up now.

River said...

wtf is a print spooler?

JahTeh said...

River, I can tell you it is something that loads memory for the things you want to print. It only went crazy when WXP installed a virtual printer and I have no idea what that is but it's what the little man in the shop told me.

Anonymous said...

We were having trouble with our printer and I went to the printer in My Computer, right clicked, properties and cleared what was scheduled to print. Fine after that. I think they were spooled to print. No need to have a list of things to print.