Sunday, March 28, 2010


He was a pretty good looking kid at 17. It was past the era of the graffiti artist and on to the bush and waterfall photographer. He still like wearing expensive French aftershave but there was always the rebel just below the surface.

The rebel part. High tops and no sides, that red colour belongs to his socks. The passive resistance to new shoes mostly extended to family parties where he could annoy the bejeebus out of his paternal Grandfather.

There were times I could have fitted him for concrete boots but now I just try to hold onto the funny parts of the brat.


Elisabeth said...

I love that the 17 year old defined himself by his youthful rebelliousness, JahTeh, and that you keep alive his memory here. Thank you.

Helen said...

Lovely boy.

Andrew said...

Is it an anniversary?

Jayne said...

Love the defiance with his shoes ;)

Ozfemme said...

Love the shoes.

Beautiful boy.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, passive resistance was an art form with him. His eldest daughter has just turned the same age but her resistance is anything but passive.

Helen, I can still see him with a little blackbird in one hand and with the other was gently untangling some string caught around its feet. The bird never struggled or made a sound until it was free.

Andrew, April is his birthday and I always put something here in case my granddaughters sneak through.

Jayne, did you also notice that one shoe has white laces and one has black? And there were times he'd tie them up with string.

Oz, neither angel nor devil but the sense of humour was diabolical.
He'd deliberately put his feet up whenever his grandfather came near and the old creep would go berserk.
Fortunately he had a wonderful relationship with his paternal grandmother.

Kath Lockett said...

I love the shoe thing: I used to do that too!

Thank you for sharing this with us.

River said...

High tops and no sides. Airconditioning for the feet, obviously.

BwcaBrownie said...

Yes. good-looking, a bit Brendan Frasier in that snap (I am always impressed by the dark moody ones).

The pain of losing a loved one lasts such a long time and feels like a swallowed brick.
Easter Friday for contemplation, and Easter Monday we must try to roll away the stone and see life anew, or at least taste it anew via
chocolate chickens eggs and bunnies.
Buona Pasqua from Lygon-On-Sea.

Middle Child said...

Its wonderful that we have the phoptos we do...I like his seated attitude and sounds like my youngest who righted upturned beetles and rescued anything that moved that was in trouble...he had/has a compassionate heart and no doubt that compassion is helping you, maybe in ways you don't know...its what i feel about these things anyway...
April is a hard month here as I go into a kind of "countdown" can't help it it just is there and no doubt for you as well.

Happy birthday lovely son of Copperwitch! Browine is right it is like a swallowed brick - spot on