Saturday, April 10, 2010


At last I've finished the book by the word nerdy author who introduced me to:

Traducing: to misrepresent willfully the conduct or character of; defame; slander
All of which I've been doing to Sedgwick and Hughes for years.

Desuetude: a condition of disuse.
My brain for the last 3 years.

This is one of his paragraphs:

"William Waldorf Astor retired to his Brighton Villa, devoted himself to the prodigious consumption of food and drink and died on 18th October 1919, after a fine meal of roast mutton and macaroni. His body was found, slumped in the lavatory, replete and dead."

In the age of twitter:
Big Wig pigged out, bogged out and logged out.


Lord Sedgwick said...

"after a fine meal of roast mutton and macaroni. His body was found, slumped in the lavatory, replete and dead."

Had it been a gargantuan chip butty and a jereboam of Scotch I would have had my money on a traduced R.I.P.Hughes.

Kath Lockett said..., very PURPLE!!!!

Brian Hughes said...


My character is so flawless and genial that it could easily withstand any amount of being traduced...unlike Sedgwick, of course, whose character isn't so much traduced as merely tragic.

Jayne said...

The condemned ate a hearty meal intoned after each patient was found to have given up eating and drinking.

JahTeh said...

Sedgwick, how cruel, he would have had the good taste to make it to the couch.

Kath, the prose or my blog?
I'm very proud of my aubergine background and I've had this blog for nearly 5 years and just discovered I could change the colour.
If it refers to the prose, it was like this right through the book along with a bit of French and German.

Fleetwood, I agree, the man is a walking tragedy in a comedy mask. It's all in the eyes, they match the bilious little yellow hat he wears to shield himself from the slings and arrows of lesser mortals. (how's that for purple)

Jayne, it's the only way to go except I expect to be sitting at the computer, blogging.

antikva said...

I loves the new background! but you knew that before I even posted...

JahTeh said...

At last,a word from the Duchess of Cornwall, Bendigo edition. In case you hadn't read, she put her foot in a rabbit hole and broke her leg.

Ann ODyne said...

Oh! it's aubergine? Just when I was thinking Royal Purple, Cardinal Purple, Presley Purple etc. and very nice too - easier to read than the black, thanks.

For gorgeous words visit

there is a physiological cause of the common deathplace being the W.C.
(just sayin').

River said...

Roast mutton and macaroni? There's a combination I never would have thought of.

JahTeh said...

River, I didn't think much of his choice either. If I was going to check out, it'd be cake and ice-cream all the way.

Miss O'Dyne, it is the reason my toilet door opens outwards.
Aubergine goes with my hair and not with Lord Sedgwick's little yellow helmet.