Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hate this time of year

Because it's getting cold and I want the fire on but I always think of people who can't afford heating or are sleeping rough through no fault of their own. It takes at least a month before I kick that switch on and settle down to thaw out. Sorry, cold people, but I'm feeling my age earlier each year.

One can always put the cat on one's lap for warmth but it is physically impossible to knit if one does that. If the cat isn't trying to put out an eye with the needles, it's gagging on the half ball of wool it's shoved down its throat.

So this time of year I'm always verging on depression for the most trivial of reasons. I also burst into tears a lot. I also eat too much which makes me loathe Magda and Jenny Craig ads but switching channels usually brings me to a KFC ad. Why do they put KFC ads on near midnight? It's not like they deliver and, praise the goddess, I don't have a car or I'd have the keys in the ignition before you could say 'junk food'.

It's a bit late to be bitching about Mothers Day but I've only just finished Sunday's papers because I had to visit the mother. I didn't have to but I'm great at laying a guilt trip on myself and I was going somewhere really pleasant for me on Monday, so I did. I took her chocolates but I bought them with her money just to be snarkey.

Back to the bitching bit. The papers were full of mother and baby stories, grown up kids and mother stories but not one single instance of same sex mothers and their children. Not one single mention anywhere. Tossers! Single mothers and child got mentioned but no same sex partners. Wouldn't it have been nice if one paper had had the guts to put out a full page of lovely mums and their lovely kids but not a mention.

Mother Nature agrees with me. I just looked out of the window above the computer and there is a rainbow stretching across the sky.


Jayne said...

Name your fav colour, Mz J.

River said...

Forget the rough sleepers and put the heater on. It's only 8 degrees out there. Or something like that.
Happy mothers day to you too.
I love rainbows.

Helen said...

Happy belated Mothers day, JT.

Anonymous said...

One more vote for the heater- you deserve to be comfy.

Sending (virtual) hugs your way.

Elisabeth said...

It's freezing in Melbourne and has been for days. You must put on your heater, and as for mother's day, the thing that strikes me is the absence of stories that reflect on the mixed feelings most of us have towards our mothers.

It's as if on mother's day, love alone exists.

R.H. said...

Same-sex Mother's Day. What twaddle.

What do they do for Father's Day, put the butch in a gorilla suit?

R.H. said...

Light rain, soft sprinkle, rhododendron smiling through, oh my darlings how I love you.

R.H. said...

Mason Street blocked yesterday near Melbourne Road. Huge crane out on road, helping build apa-a-a-artments. Sign out front says "Starting at $380,000" (one bedroom). OH how we laughed! Go robots, you couldn't get closer to Newport station except live on the fucking platform. Every empty factory, every inch of land along rail line from Newport to Williamstown, stacked with doll houses and stupid apa-a-a-artments. Dumb country, dumb populace: scarce water, sardine transport, unaffordable housing and you're letting thousands of migrants pour in every week, just so Harvey Norman can sell more washing machines. And keep bum workers on shit wages. Which won't ever bother you, you haute cuisine lot of cunts. Having never competed with them for low wages and cheap housing.
How generous.

Kath Lockett said...

Hey if it makes you feel any better, I had a migraine on Mothers Day. Love Chunks had a chest infection, so we packed off our child to pick raspberries with her aunt and uncle for the day and we went back to bed.

....and not for any fun of any kind!

Mindy said...

Don't get so cold you get Kath's chest infection. It shouldn't be so difficult to do a two mum's article for mothers day. You could write it about kids making two mothers day cards or buying two boxes of choccies or something.

JahTeh said...

That's easy Jayne, it's tolerance.

River, I pushed away the feelings and put the fire on, my old bones and the cat were glad.

Helen, Mothers Day is just a reason to eat chocolate, thank the Goddess.

I hope you're taking your own advice OoC, you had too many colds last winter.

Elisabeth, it's always the sudden cold that catches us by surprise, I mean the snow is falling already.
Then it's falling in England and they're going into summer.

Robbert, they're doing the same thing at Mentone station, apartments right on the tracks and pricey. They'll charge a mint because it's 5 minutes from the beach and across the road from the shopping centre.

R.H. said...

I try to feel affronted, but it always ends in laughter.

Dr Goldsworthy, I will always love you.

JahTeh said...

Kath, I read your post and sent you sympathy. You with a migraine and LC with flu, what a quinella.

Mindy, it was photographs of happy mums and kids that was needed, people don't read but they look and that old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" still stands.

Robbert, I know you blotted your copybook again. You really do push the boundaries where Dr. Cat's concerned and she has every right to ban you forever.

R.H. said...

Lover's tiff.

Middle Child said...

Sometimes blankets just don't quite take away the bone chill do they?

JahTeh said...

Therese, I have a woollen underlay and a woollen doona, flannelette sheets and that's so cosy but it's the chill in the house that gets into the bones.