Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why am I still sitting like a frog on a log?

Simply because I've been so used to waiting waiting waiting for pages to load that I don't realize it already has.

One problem from last night, not from the connection but the fact that I confused the poor Telstra boy so much he forgot to swipe the card and while I'm telling him the connection is working well, he's telling me I haven't paid for it and he's about to get fired.

So it was walk to the bus, sunny and almost warm, get out at Cheltenham and drop off the rest of the gemstones for testing, have coffee, catch another bus to Southland and stagger round to Telstra. It's been a long time since I had a male of any age almost throw himself at my feet.
3/4 of an hour later after three of them tried to fix up the account and swipe the card, I was free.

I looked at the movies since I was already there but not one good viewing at Gold Class and Prince of Persia was on at the Europa and the seats are a little snug in that theatre. Everything
else started too late so I took the money and blew it on lunch and a very large glass of wine.

And while I'm doing all that, Jules took the country. And I was so looking forward to referring to Kevin O'Lemon until the election. On the upside, I'll probably go back to voting Labor, sorry Greens but you'll be second on my list.

So I am home and ready to play with my new toy and blank. Computer still wants to play dial-up
and it's taken me a while to figure everything out. I just disconnect not take the little stick off the cord thingy. I am not good with electrical things.
Which brings me back to the beginning, sitting like a frog on a log waiting for pages to load.
And yes, The Age is ghastly with sound, I went straight over to ABC news which keeps its gob shut.

Redheads Rule.


Elisabeth said...

Redheads rule alright. Why all this fuss over the colour of our new leader's hair? She must be a woman.

R.H. said...

Women's hair turns red at forty.

River said...

As long as I don't have to dye my hair red in support, I'm okay with all this.
Yay for broadband.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, at least it's her hair they're fussing about and not her wearing budgie smugglers.

Robbert, interesting fact but mine turned red at 17.

River, I never felt like me until I had red hair. I put a photo up here once with just how really red it was in my 30s. And how long.

Brian Hughes said...

A female prime minister! I'm still recovering from Thatcher. Dreadful days they were. This is where Australian History is made...when feminists stop saying "This wouldn't have happened if a woman had been in charge" and go into quiet mode instead. As the old saying goes, don't wish too hard for what you want...

JahTeh said...

Bad bad Fleetwood, comparing our Jules with Thatcher the Borg Queen.
Don't worry about a woman being in charge, look at what's been in charge for the past ten years and what could be in charge. If Abbot gets in, the flag will be changed to red, white and blue budgie smugglers rampant.

Brian Hughes said...


I must admit, I don't know much about Ozzie politics. (Actually I don't know anything about Ozzie politics, but that's beside the point.) What I do know, however, is that male or female there's no such thing as a good politician...just a b*stard you haven't actually met yet.

Jayne said...

YAY for you having Broadband, Mz J!
And a big hooray for Julia, too ;)
Enjoy the virtual tour of Ballarat ;)

Lord Sedgwick said...

I've just dyed my pubes red in tribute to our leader Coppertop, who taught Julia everything she's wisely forgotten.

R.H. said...

I'm told your husband's hair turned white when you sprang him with the blonde.

Debussy this afternoon, just for something to ponder while I walk the dogs.

-Robert. OAM.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, you old romantic, I love Debussy. Fortunately I never sprang him with the blonde, I have a delicate stomach.

All three of them MiLord?

Jayne I am enjoying the virtual tour in the warmth. It always rains in the 'RAT or fries the skin off.

Anonymous said...

Middle child here - away from home

Sorry but they both make me feel sick to my stomach - there is something not quite right about Rudd, Gillard, Swan and not to mention Garrett - its like the village of the dammed - a bit like us in NSW thinking the=at Keneally makes the decisions - just show ponies the lot of them - none of them are ever accountable for their mistakes be they Labor Liberal National or Green and the last good independent was Ted Mack