Monday, August 09, 2010

Cat and duck

It's taken me nearly six months to get the cat to go out the back door without being frightened of the magpies. I mean it still makes me open the front door to go through the carport and IN the back door but it does go out the back door as well.

It did until this morning and it could be another six months for the nerves to stop jangling.
Cat goes out the back quite happily, takes a wander round, drinks the filthy birds water when it has pristine water inside and sits down in the sun.

QUARNCXH is the approximate noise the duck makes as it walks up behind the cat. I think it must have been swimming in the pool over the back fence and came over for a bit of a feed.
I don't believe the cat's paws touched ground until it hit the carpet inside the back door. It sat there with its nose pressed to the glass watching the duck which came right up to the door. I thought for a moment it would come right inside since the door was still open but it just picked up an insect on the step and wandered up the yard.

The vile filthy look I got from the cat said volumes about it all being my fault for shoving it out the back door in the first place. Well, who would have thought a duck would land in the yard?
A plane, yes, and no, that plane the other day was over the other side of the airport. On my side they tend to splatt on the golf course.

Looks like it's back to opening the front door again.


Elisabeth said...

Cat and duck. A great visual combination, JahTeh.

It's a pity about the conflict or your cat's anxiety about the unfamiliar.

Anonymous said...

Not great timing there hon.

Lad Litter said...

Sounds like a deleted scene from Hitchcock's The Birds, now available on the Limited Edition DVD.

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, no conflict, the cat was in the door too fast. She's never seen a duck before and it was bigger than she is.

Andrew, I'd like to see the duck up against the maggies for the bread. I really must get a digital camera for these things.

LadLitter, just when I was getting comfortable having showers at midnight, I have to think of raving rabid ducks.
Did you ever read the book/short story. Spookier than the film, truly.

Jayne said...

So, you'll never be alllowed to get chooks, either lol.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, Miss O'Dyne would report me instantly to the RSPCA if if ever bought a chook, she knows what I do to harmless plants.

Which reminds me, the latest Kingston News informs me that half of what survives in my garden is a noxious weed but they weren't 37 years ago. If the council wants them out they can come and do it themselves.