Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Too lazy to post


Jayne said...

Go and read Voice of the Turtle blog, she's a Canuck after our own hearts :)

Elisabeth said...

Very cheering. Lord knows I need it.

River said...

I saw that yesterday when trawling for laughs. But I was so tired I didn't "get it" straight away.

R.H. said...

Ghoulia Gillard
Looks like an emu
"Wuuurk choyyces"
Talks like one too.

Middle Child said...

I'm with RH - I don't know who or where Julia comes from - but she doesn't sound like any ex high school (girls only) prefect i ever cam accross - they couls all sound like ABC newsreaders used to sound like - she's a mystery...can't hack her - sorry - and I live in bloody Ron oakeshot's electorate and a less Independent I never came accross - John hatton and ted mack were Independent - Oakeshott has always voted with Labor no matter how it affected the farmers and fishermen

R.H. said...

Oakeshitt, what a windbag. Total idiot.

Good heavens, you vote for intelligence and look what you get.

iODyne said...
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R.H. said...

Savers had their half-price sale last Monday, but only on clothing. It's all changed, I'm very disappointed, I got some good books there in the old days, electrical items too, including a TV that blew up giving the girls a good laugh. It's tatty there now, worthless junk, ridiculous prices on anything they imagine is collectable: plastic Kambrook kettle: $45.00.
It's gone off, people are a wake up, I was at the half-price sale last Monday, and where was the riot?
That's my biggest disappointment, coat hangers don't fly anymore.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, just what we need, more madwomen in blogworld.

Elisabeth, I love lolcats. That's my first port of call each morning for the laugh.

River, don't worry it took me a few seconds.

Robbert, and she doesn't care!
If you're looking for intelligence what are you doing looking at Parliament.

Therese, did he give you any help with the hospital fiasco?

Stacks, I have it on good opinion that Frankston Savers is better for bargains. Next time you're down this way, we'll do it over. Look for a man in a loud tie, it'll be Robbert.

R.H. said...

Frankston Savers was never any good. Nor is Brunswick. And nor is Footscray -now.

Sending you another tie soon, looking for one with vanilla slices on it, or cakes of some sort.


Davoh said...

I'm with Julia. About time we broke the back of the northern hemisphere, Roman Imperial,'born to rule" patriarchal, pyramid, Profit party .. heh. Rainbow parliament .. way t' go.

iODyne said...

this post of yours gets several spams a day and I get them all because I commented years ago. are they all in your Blogger Comments spam folder You will get a shock at the number of them if you go there.