Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Christmas tree is de-trimmed and packed

Another of life's mysteries, all the ornaments came out of the pine chest in X amount of boxes but will only go back in Y amount of boxes. Now to try and put Y amount of boxes back in the same pine chest that only fitted X amount.

The house is in chaos. The BrickOutHouse will be here for a while so I'm re-arranging the room. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle. I take the bookcase from one side after removing all the materials and put it on the other wall near the door. This will enable me to pack his clothes on the shelves instead of 4 different baskets. His good and chattels are packed and stored in the study, so we/I move them to where the bookcase was. His TV is standing on my old treadle machine and that's not moving anywhere. Funny how it doesn't look big where it is but move it to any other part of the house and it looks like the Titanic. His computer is sitting on two plastic boxes of lace so I talked him into buying a small computer station.

The joy of OfficeWorks, I could wander there all day but not with Mr. Impatient who has changed his mind again. We're in front of the one picked out of the catalogue, it has a pull out shelf for the keyboard with a drawer underneath that, shelf for the CPU and it has wheels. He doesn't see the point in wheels. The next one has wheels, no drawer, shelf for the CPU but it's a horrible orange wood, never, not even for $10 cheaper. Never fear Goldilocks found exactly the right one, shelf for CPU, shelf for keyboard, wheels, shelf above for speakers and it's in black.
He was half way to the checkout before I'd finished asking if that would do. I didn't even get a chance to play with the netbooks or check out the office doodads on special.

He has his last appointment with the surgeon tomorrow, very early so I'll be in that room as soon as he's turned the corner. He can't see the point in moving so many boxes around. Doh, he wasn't the one who had to buy ribbons the other day because the ribbon boxes couldn't be reached without a rope in the ceiling. The way I have it planned the boxes I really need will be in the study, his will be next to his bed and if he winds up that cuckoo clock I'll deck him and the boxes that I won't need for a long time will be at home blocking off the passage to the kitchen.

I just need to get to the wardrobe in the study to put the Christmas tree away. I can't believe how much stuff I moved to get it out in the first place. Still if I feel this is hard, I only have to look up the date in last year's diary when we were selling mother's house. Now that was a nightmare.


iODyne said...

we all have so much stuff.
I think about the Dalai Lama all the time when I fold up my tents and move on. How does he get by with no possessions?

Elisabeth said...

I speak across you again, JahTeh, and I have missed you.

My suspicion is that other people carry all necessary stuff for the Dalai Lama, Marshall Stacks, including the toilet paper.

Jayne said...

For some reason The Spouse has needed extra boxes to stow away the same amount of Chrissy decs that came out of one box.
They must be breeding!

JahTeh said...

But, but, Stacks, you know how much I love stuff. It has to be wrenched from my clawed hands to go to the op shop.

Elisabeth, my sister goes through and throws out everything she's bored with after 6 months. I have a birthday gift given to me when I was 13, it is jewellery although I do have books from the l950s when a book was a real treasure to me.

Jayne, Last time I wrote on the boxes so this wouldn't happen but I forgot to read the list. I wouldn't have mattered but everything must be down by 12th night or it must be left all year otherwise bad luck sits by your side. Damn I hate superstitions.

River said...

My christmas stuff is all packed away too, mostly in an assortment of plastic bags. Now of course, I have to unpack the lot again because I have a new solution.