Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good for the experts

The Age is trying to help with the obesity epidemic .

I'm just so thrilled with all this advice as to how I can become thin.

And the commenter who thought having obesity police was a good idea can stick it in his lap band.

Teens do spend more time sitting on their backsides but considering the work load for high school now, they couldn't do any less.

And sport? Great if you love sport but not all love sport, Goddess knows I tried but I have a phobia about being hit with hard balls, bats and other sweaty bodies. If they had had a swimming competition with first to the bottom of the pool, I'd be gold.

I'm waiting for segregration in cafes. Slobs on this side, healthy skinny poles on this side.
For every skinny, there's a chubby whose drive, energy and intelligence has made them icons.
Maggie Tabberer, Maggie Beer, Margaret Fulton, Dawn French and Margaret Whitlam was no string bean but what a woman.

Obesity has never been the cause of any of my illnesses, including the minor ones I have now, but tension, panic attacks and trying to go beyond my emotional limits will probably do me in before the fat I've armoured myself with. In the last 10 years I've had two lengthy periods of peace and quiet and I've lost weight with no trouble at all. So a third era of me time is urgently needed.

And piss off the idea of obesity police.


Elephant's Child said...

Oh yeah. With you over 100 per cent. And I loathe and destest the concept that those of us with bulk are morally deficient. And probably intellectually too. A pox on all their houses.

Jayne said...

Obesity police, my sweet lardy arse.
We large possums are only in such high proportion cos those skinny waif-like critters taste like chicken....

River said...

Weight gain or loss is often an emotional thing. Since L moved in here in 2003, I put on 15 kilos. Emotional (unhappy) overeating. After he left, I started losing it. Being older and less active, means I'm losing it slower than I'd like, but it is coming off. I measured my waist today and found it smaller by two inches. In spite of icecream on every hot day.

JahTeh said...

EC, it's as though they haven't got anything else to worry about. Carrying on about having to strengthen hospital beds, wheel chairs and widening plane seats. Well that last one, I have to admit if I saw 3 other people my size getting on the same plane I'd think 'overloaded'. I refuse to watch 'the biggest loser' except for this once because I wanted to see what they were eating because the trainers had to live with them and eat the same. There is no way I could eat that much food, I wouldn't have time in the day to do anything else.

Jayne, you're being generous, they'd taste like nothing except maybe old newspaper. You, at least, cook great food. I had lots of plans for tonight but it's too muggy so all the salad is going between two slices of sourdough bread.

River, you are so right. When my pain in the lardarse left, I was so happy I lost 20kgs, over 10 years I've put back 10 but not the 20. I'm 10 years less active, there's no way now I'd shift 40 bluestones from the back yard to the front.

R.H. said...

Wake up! You're only as fat as you think!
I'm getting a pizza tonight. There's a new place down the road called Pizzatrain, with two birdies, a honeyblonde and a brunette. I'll be eating it there so I can study them.

Minister for Innovation.

Anonymous said...

Clarissa and Jennifer come to mind too. I reckon if you eat enough of the right things and drink plenty of water, then the extra doesn't matter so much.

antikva said...

My Mum is overweight and has been for as long as I can remember. My Dad is not. He walks for 30 billions minutes a day blah,blah,blah... Guess which one is healthier?

Dad has high blood pressure, diabetes and elevated cholesterol.
Mum is perfectly healthy.

As my Dad always says, show me the way to the village of 100 year old doctors.

Kath Lockett said...

All this just makes my heart hurt: in a sad, sick-of-it-all way, not a cardio arrest kind of way.

As if life isn't hard enough without the idea of Fat Police or being given advice by skinnies who either spend far too many hours preening, posing and working out or by those who have a metabolism that they don't deserve. Both groups don't have enough to do or lives to live themselves.

My eleven year old is worried about being 'fat' and some boy in her class drew a picture of her as a 'fattie' and stuck it on her back yesterday! Sure, he got into trouble and eleven year old boys aren't known for their sophistication or consideration but of course all it did was convince her that she's fat.... Which she isn't.

And even if she was - she'd have to be the only kid in her class who can run 3km, non-stop and happily chatter to her mother the entire time.

Still, I'm learning that as a 'bigger' girl who'll never be small that I have endurance instead. Yep, it was ME, fat and forty-something who swam 60 laps in the pool without stopping as Mr Footy Head in the lane beside me would thrash up and down twice and then spend fifteen minutes 'stretching' before attempting the same....

Okay. Time to finish off that plum cake for breakfast and give Sapph a hug.

JahTeh said...

They'll probably name a pizza after you, The Rochester, a hard crust with a topping of soft cheesiness.

Andrew, I used to love watching that show but I'd never cook one of their recipes. You could almost feel the arteries hardening.

Antikva, so after all the exercise, he still has the high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes so why am I being told that exercise will cure everything?
You and I will never have to worry about our weight, we're too busy falling a over t. What have you nearly broken this week?

Kath, I really felt for Sapph and I'd be waiting for that kid who pinned the rotten note on her back.
My relo's were always on about me losing weight, they wanted me to be perfect for some reason. The worst was the boy next door who told me I so fat I looked pregnant and in those days that was a real insult. I was devastated so at age 13 I began my defence of eating against the world of hurt. I became a hard line eating addict but never went much beyond 12 stone but then I got IN-LAWS.

Do you know how much I love plum cake?

River said...

R.H. I had a pizza last night! I took a frozen one from my freezer, quick and easy.

R.H. said...

Yes some of my verse is cheesy, but only because women are suckers for it.

Frozen pizza is vile.

Lord Rochester. said...

Ho Ho Ho. RH, what a bounder.

"Some of my verse is cheesy, but only because women are suckers for it."


And so is he.

R.H. said...

Well, thinking about the Restoration....

Women's attire is tuned to economics, when times are good they show their tits.

R.H. said...

Boom AND bust.

JahTeh said...

River, this time I have to agree with Rh, the last frozen pizza I had was terrible, greasy and indigestible.

Filthy beast Rochester, the only reason for the titfest were the tight corsets squeezing them up and out.

Middle Child said...

These would do Adolf, Stalin and Mao proud