Monday, February 07, 2011

New photos

And not a chance of any of you ever seeing them.

They are 100% improved over the ones taken by the Dill at AustraliaPost but I had to pay an extra $4. I removed my big glasses, no heavy frames and used my reading glasses which were the same ones I wore ten years ago.

Never look at passport photos until you're on your own. Sobbing upsets other shoppers.

Hmmm. Not too shabby, same crooked smile. Last time I was allowed a small smile which helped but these days, no smiling just a fixed 'roo in the headlights' stare. My smile is really crooked on one side but then I have one ear up and one ear down which is why my glasses are always crooked, sort of evens things up.

I am comparing a 10 year old passport photo to the recent one, something is different.

OMG! I don't have a double chin anymore. My neck is actually on the scraggy side. All those falls must have triggered a fat slide southwards. If this photo gets knocked back then I'm going for one of those 'StarShots'.

I bet Joan Collins has a 'StarShot' for her passport.


R.H. said...
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R.H. said...

In my first ever passport photo I look like Julius Ceasar.

Stop putting up so many posts, people miss my comments in the previous one.

Public intellectual.
(Available for Smoke Nights, Hen's Night's, Porn Nights and Beravements)

Elephant's Child said...

You have all my sympathies. I look like my mama in photos. Which is why with the exception of passports I don't play the photo game. And go to some lenghts to avoid it. (MS means I don't drive so I can escape that one).

River said...

In my passport photo I'm six months old. I'd definitely need a new one if I were to go travelling now, because I just look so very different, bigger for a start.

Southward fat slide hey? That could explain my slimmer ribs and wobblier belly....

JahTeh said...

Julius Ceasar, really, Rochester but would that be dead or alive?

EC, I look like my grandmother so avoid any camera I can.

River, I'm never without the passport now. So many people want ID with a photo not cards with a signature. This is why you'll never see me on Facebook

R.H. said...

You mean he's dead?

Kath Lockett said...

Hey I look like a startled potato in mine.

And if it makes you feel any better, I was happily running a few errands in yesterday's lovely sunshine; feelin' good and was handed a brochure that read 'Half-price Treatments for Menopausal Skin.' THAT deflated me somewhat!