Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We gasp but it's just tragic

No name for this itsy model but since she's not likely to make it through to next year's fashion show, the designer probably doesn't care. Designer clothes are supposed to be for wealthy women not for anorexic stick insects with knees that look as though they would shatter if they knocked together. Those are bad tooth pick legs.

This is Martyna Budna, walking the fashion shows of 2011 and much in demand. As the Daily Mail report said, if one got bored, one could always count her ribs.

Same Daily Mail reporter said that Hannah Hardy's hips could grate cheese and I might say the same about her face. If she knocks those knees together, sparks could fly. Bloody awful frock. I never thought I'd say this but Vic Beckham's designs look classic beside this.
But here we have the most in-demand model for this season. Chloe Memisevic looking for her next meal, a glass of water. Despite cries from all model agencies that their models are being looked after and watched for signs of anorexia, it looks as though some are slipping through the cracks, in Chloe's case, literally. Designers are clamouring for her to walk the walk for them.
I can't understand why, when I would be so distracted by her skeletal figure that the gowns would have to be flashing neon signs before I noticed. As for the clod hopping platform soled shoes, no wonder they're laced up, clipped on and buckled otherwise the models would step out of them, not being able to lift the weight.
My doctor has sent me a letter telling me about all the people who are now going to try and control my life because of a few BSL readings (good luck to them) and I think I'll take photos of these with me and ask them how the anorexic epidemic is going. I am not making light of this terrible mental illness either but until fashion designers face up to the fact they are making role models for a body image that's not attainable by any means except starvation then the world can stop de-crying the obesity epidemic.


Anonymous said...

You know, a roly poly obese woman is far more alluring and attractive than those mobile clothes hangers. They look so brittle and possibly haven't had a good laugh in a long time.
On another note, I was inducted into the Diabetic Club a few years ago. It is indeed an exercise in mind games to control the intake of food. One thing that has helped me to make sensible and delicious food choices is the magazine Diabetic Living. Lots of good tips, advice and tasty, simple recipes. My thoughts are with you as you travel along the bumpy road of Diabetes. (I have to sign as anonymous as I can't work out the other options. Otherwise I'm known as Dotson54)

Elephant's Child said...

Awful, awful, awful. And that is the ideal which we are supposed to aspire to? Grrr.

Jayne said...

I almost cried when my Feral Aspie boy asked if he'd become fat (and should he start to watch his diet?!) because he'd weighed himself at the hosp and had put on about 10 kgs.
I had to remind him that he'd shot up a couple of hundred metres in height in a short time period and the rest is muscle.
That McGee charcater in NCIS looks downright sickly with his weightloss, too, which doesn't help teenager's body images!

R.H. said...

They look like death.

Sex-change effigies.

The RH Statute has recently been revised: Age of consent raised to eighteen years.

No skin and bone woman may be exhibited as an exemplar to other women. Penalty: Ten years imprisonment.

No person under the age of twenty five years may be tattooed or metal-pierced (unless it's a pimp and you've got a knife). Penalty: Twenty years.

Age of consent in Thailand raised to thirty years (place is teeming with foreign queers).

Okay? That's it.

For now.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, sensible ideas, you're maturing in your dotage or perhaps you are absorbing too much Rochester. I agree with you on everything.

Jayne, same thing here with the BOH. After a year of rotten teeth, back pain and no appetite, suddenly he's back in condition and thinks he's put on weight.

EC, I tried not eating for two days, just drinking water but takes more will power than I'll ever have. I was eyeing off the cat food in the finish.

Thank you Dotson54, but I have really bad psychological problems with people trying to tell me about food. I find out too that my range of BSL puts me at pre-diabetes so I'm hoping the tablets will be enough. Exercise is me walking and falling down a lot.
I'll lose weight if I'm left alone in peace and the last four years have been anything but.

R.H. said...

Good heavens.

R.H. said...

You are invited to lunch, at our next drafting session.

Elisabeth said...

As everyone here suggests, these are scary times, the people who look like they are starving should be in demand as models. We model ourselves on models, don't we?

JahTeh said...

Elisabeth, looking back at the age of the 'Super Models' makes me sad as these women looked like women and they are still in demand for work.

Robbert, I would eat you out of house and home, you would have to steal an Armaguard truck just for lunch.

River said...

I've always wanted to be rich and I know top models can earn a lot of money, but no amount of money would make me give up food. I'll have to get rich some other way.
No, not "that" way.
That skeleton wearing the fluffy purple thing made me feel ill.
I read this while I'm cooking my favourite dinner. Roasted veg and a fillet steak. Wonder how long it's been since any of those girls ate like this? Without throwing up immediately after.

R.H. said...

You'll eat my house? Go ahead, I've got insurance.
I've got an Armaguard van too, with the comments I make I need it for going out.

JahTeh said...

River, I'm quite sure they'd throw up before and after. Backstage at these do's they live on cigarettes, diet coke and sometimes the other coke.

I wonder if the Earl of Rochester had an amoured coach?

R.H. said...

Lord Rochester's coach (I almost said cock) was easily recognised by all the rotten fruit thrown at it by disgruntled husbands and suitors.

Mindy said...

Isabelle Caro died of anorexia age 28 last year. She was still modelling at the time.

JahTeh said...

Just a slip of the tongue Robbert but I think you might have been right on the button.

Mindy, the reporter was horrified that not one woman in the audience thought anything was wrong, all they looked at was the dress.

Jack said...

i understand that there will be strong opinions on this subject but these girls, regardless of controversy, should not - in my humble opinion - be viciously commented on for doing what they do. say what you feel guys but these girls most likely can see what you're saying about them. 'Chloe Memisevic looking for her next meal, a glass of water.' is there any need for that?

R.H. said...

There's an absolute need for it.

R.H. said...
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