Monday, April 25, 2011

More anxiety and I so need more anxiety

Nothing like a walk to the corner shop on a Sunday morning for the papers and if it's warm, a coffee. So relaxing to sit at the outside table, drinking a cappuccino and watching the birds and maybe a cloud or two pass by.

But now research has found that if you combine a coffee or two with a fatty breakfast, it doubles the amount blood sugar levels rise after eating a fatty meal by itself. Bad for people at risk of diabetes.

The study also showed that eating a fatty meal can disrupt the body's ability to process sugar up to six hours later, meaning what we eat at breakfast determines how effectively our body processes lunch and beyond.

You see what I have to put up with. Not the egg and bacon, usually it's egg and mushroom, but the constant stream of information of what I should and should not eat, when I should eat and what tablets have to go with food and which don't. So my breakfast this morning was two slices of pumpkin seed toast with tomato, a fresh pear and black Earl Grey tea, two fish oil capsules, a diabetes tablet and a cholesterol tablet. It should be healthy but the letter from the pathology says I still have slightly abnormal readings from the tests, nothing to be worried about but grab $60 and see your doctor. Believe me if those readings haven't come down significantly then it's ditch the pills, ditch the doctor and take my chances.


Elephant's Child said...

Aaaargh. And for every expert there is an equal and opposite expert who will contradict what the first one says. Good luck.

River said...

Ignore what you read, it will only put frown wrinkles on your face and no one needs those.
Don't be too quick to ditch the pills and doctor, sometimes it takes a mite longer for things to kick in as they should. Try the french method of eating. I read this somewhere...savour the first mouthful slowly, noticing the flavours in your mouth, then the second, when you have a mouthful where you can't discern the flavours, stop eating.
In theory, it's a good idea, but in practical terms, I imagine there'd be an awful lot of wasted food with this method.
Do I eat this way? Heck no!

JahTeh said...

EC, you must get the same thing with the MS. Later in another paper I read that a cure for Diabetes is only two years away. On the figures so far, I don't have full blown Type 11 diabetes.

River, I can do that passing a pastry shop and without putting any actual food in my mouth and still put on weight. And I do eat slowly which is why I hate having coffee with my sister who belts everything down in a minute and I haven't picked up a fork.

Elephant's Child said...

They still don't know what causes MS but two theories I particularly like are: you had a virus as a child (what child doesn't?), and it has been associated with breast implants (huh?). Mostly now I ignore it, and try and live moderately healthily.

Kelly & Sam Pilgrim-Byrne said...

Hey, JT... happy to share what I've been eating with you. My levels are now not within the diabetic range (although of course, I'll always be a diabetic if I go back to eating how I was). Email me if you want a typical day of what we're eating.

Pearl said...

THere's so much to know nowadays. I kinda miss being ignorant.


Ann ODyne said...

I read a report recently (from a credible source) that suggested the weight problem is created by the reaction between the 3 evils of fat/salt/sugar.

The real secret to eternal slimness is to eat out every day for lunch and dinner, with the hairdresser every morning and the couturier and milliner every afternoon.

Off topic but I have just seen on a William/Catherine show, a letter his mother wrote to Fayed Jnr, thanking for the yacht holiday, and NOTHING on the 4 pages sounded like they had shared a bed.

Ann ODyne said...

now I'm watching QI and they have discussed Banting inventing dieting in 1864 - so I had to look him up and you will enjoy the info at the link.

JahTeh said...

EC, breast implants? Now that's just truly weird.

Thank you girls, I've seen your weight loss and am really envious. I have a diet but stress keeps getting in the way of working on it.

Pearl, Too much information to sort through sometimes. I just hate some foods and nothing will make me like them. Sweet potato, low GI, ordinary potato, high GI but potato chips (as in fish &)are low GI but fattening. Work that out.

Annie O, my offical Glyceamic Index book by a Monash researcher says fat is worse than sugar and salt is much worse than both.
Off Topic, I always thought she had more taste than having it away with him especially after the fiancee turned up.

As for Banting, I hope he died fat.

R.H. said...

Eat! Eat! Eat!
Till you can't see your feet
Munch! Munch! Munch!
Endless lunch!

(If that damn waiter don't come soon I'll eat this bloody table!)


R.H. said...

Hello my little petals, Uncle RH ate two hot dogs tonight because he couldn't get a pastie. Douglas Parade needs to wake up to itself. It's not like they're all latte around there, there's still a Routleys for common folk, plus the dirtiest, darkest most run down fish and chip shop in all Melbourne, but the bloody place is never open! Mind you, with a boutique on one side and latte on the other maybe it's a bit shy.

Loving you,

Middle Child said...

And once they said you shouldn't eat eggs because of cholesterol - then they said eggs were okay