Thursday, May 26, 2011

Updating the Synchrotron

Let's have a nice round figure for the Synchrotron to make it a world class facility, $300 million.

Victoria has already spent $725 million on Myki with more to come.....or not if they've got any brains and cut their losses. I mean it's a ticket system, it won't come up with a cure for any debilitating or deadly disease.

Poker machines taxes are estimated to deliver (rip off more like) $1.031 BILLION to the state in the next financial year.

They're hiding the Grand Prix balance sheet.

Makes $300 million look like good value for money unlike the Minister for Innovation, Ms Asher.

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Davoh said...

Not to worry .. there has been several million in the recent budget allocated to the care and welfare of 'nutcases'.