Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Doing some housework

And we start with the important work, finishing off the jewellery that's been sitting patiently in boxes. The photography isn't great but at least I've figured out how to make the images smaller.  The big stone is Rhodochroisite so I decided to keep the beads as neutral as possible. 
 I thought these would be easy, just thread the beads on, close the clip and I'm done. No such luck, I had these beads off the chain so many times until the balance was right, my fingers were complaining.  It's not until it's picked up that any odd bead stands out like a sore thumb. The large stone here is Carnelian.
 This is silverplated and the central stone is a large cubic zirconia originally from an Avon necklace but the chain was so fine I was forever cutting it out of my hair when taking it off. It looks better here.
This is only one of four bracelets that I finished.  The dark beads are dichroic and shimmer from green to purple to black.  The only thing about these bead bracelets is getting the size right and even this one with so many beads, falls off my wrist.  The backside is large, the wrist is dainty.  I also made another necklace but I could not get it to photograph it without the sparkles flaring. It's central pendant is a jewell covered ladybird with beads of pale blue and turquoise.  The other monster thing about the necklaces, the clips (not the bracelet) close like shark teeth on a boogie board.  I have come home and slept in one rather than attempt to open the clip and strangle my self.
Next in line are my new hair combs.  The old hands are struggling to twist wire onto combs these days so when I bought the green brooch in an online sale, it seemed a perfect comb shape so I pinned it to fabric over cardboard then stitched around to make it more stable.  I could have removed the pin but I might go mad one day and ditch the long red hair and I'd still have a brooch.  It looked and felt so great, I went back and bought three more, well, the sale was still on or I might have thought twice but I didn't.  So I have a pink one at the top, a pale purple, green and one should always have black in the wardrobe.  I realized then that I was missing a red one so I found a rather nice oval with red stones, on sale, honest.


MedicatedMoo said...

If only I had hair to put on those combs.... gorgeous!

JahTeh said...

Oh, Kath, I can just see you sending it flying after one of your famous sneezes.
The weather is starting to look good in Geneva but it's getting cold here.

River said...

The combs look very pretty, I'm going to have to visit and see them in your hair one day. I love the colours in the carnelian necklace and that bracelet. you're so clever!

Fen said...

Gorgeous bracelet, lovely work

Elephant's Child said...

Late to the party, echoing every one else. Those hair combs are amazing.
I envy you your dainty wrists. Everything about me is economy size.

JahTeh said...

River, it's only putting beads on a snake chain, the difficult part is not using a four letter word for every bead that doesn't go.

Fen, you should try one for yourself, there are some terrific gothy beads in cyberland.

EC, my wrists are the only dainty part of me. I asked my Physio once if I had big bones and he put his forefinger and thumb around my wrist and said no.

Ann ODyne said...

all bewitchingly gorgeous you magickal thing X X

Middle Child said...

I love the hair combs but my favourite is the second picture