Monday, May 14, 2012

Engage Warp Drive.

This image was taken by the husband and wife team of Erlend and Orsolya Haarberg at the hot springs of Hveravellir, Iceland. The pink object is not the starship Enterprise but a lenticular cloud and to find out more go to our favourite cloud site and enjoy.  The Harbeergs travelled all over Iceland and on a clear day took to the sky to photograph the land from above, sights we'd never get to see.  When I'm lost for words, I'll post their photographs instead.

Mothers' Day, freezing, stayed in bed and considered myself lucky to find a tin of fruit pastilles, the kind that are covered in cornflour so everyone knows what you've been eating.

Today I saw my mother, never see her on Mothers Day, besides freezing.  My brand new taxi card would not work so I had to pay full price.  Earlier on my Myki wouldn't work, again.  So now two more phone calls to moronic companies who can't keep their software working or get it to work.

Mother, on the other hand, is finding it easy to use her new iPad.  It came with 6 free books and she's up to page 126 of Pride and Prejudice so I won't have to worry about topping up with books immediately.  She finds it better than the mobile phone because of the size and she can't break the buttons off because of the touch screen.  She did ask why parts of it were cloudy and hard to read so I pulled out a hanky and wiped the fingerprints off the screen.

I've mentioned the Home's escapee before but today it was my turn for the vicious little creep's attack.  He threatened me but I don't have a witness because both of the other residents are slightly a lot deaf.  They could see him at the back of me but couldn't hear and neither did they see him shove a plastic plate to my neck.  Then he walked around in front to my mother and I thought if he touches her, I'll deck him but she's used to handling him and I could see his eyes change as Ma talked quietly to him.  I didn't move when he was near me, you can't, any aggressive move makes him worse.  I did report it but not on paper but I am the fourth person he's gone for lately.  At least I wasn't physically grabbed but the others have been.  I'll be seeing the DON at the end of the week and telling her what happened.  None of the old ducks should have to watch their backs when he's around and my mother shouldn't have to the one in the front line fending off his aggressiveness when the others can't.

Happy Elephant's Child who loves the cold, a minus five degrees in Canberra this morning. Please don't move south, I couldn't handle a minus anything.

I loved the ABC's programme of The Diamond Queen.  Need I mention the jools?  But I was impressed by the younger mob, even Beatrice and Eugenie.  William and Harry speak straight, plain English without the uppercrust plum stuck in their throat that Daddy Wales is cursed with. Edward, I liked as well but "air miles Andy" looks and sounds like a buffoon.  I think we can give cudos here for the Duchess of York who has done most of the upbringing of his daughters even if it does look at times as though they can't hold their booze like daddy.

I have at last finished my night time reading of The Three Emperors, a weighty tome that tells the behind the public view of George V, Wilhelm of Germany and Nicholas of Russia.  Willly was a handy bogeyman for the British and American public to blame for the First World War but he lost control of his throne and country the moment the Generals declared war.  George lived the rest of his life with the guilt of not saving the Czar and his family.  But what struck me most was the fact that all three were uneducated and unfit to govern a country let alone reign supreme although George didn't have the power the other two did. Bedtime reading now is the relationships between 3 queens and their daughters,  Catherine of Aragon/England, Marie Antoinette of Austria/France and Victoria of England/Germany.  I try not to read anything exciting before sleep otherwise I don't, I can't put down a mystery thriller so I read those outside the bedroom.  

Well, I think I've mouthed off enough to give Lord Rochester a run for his money and I need food and the last pastille, raspberry. 


Anonymous said...

Ann spoke the poshest, almost to the point of being unintelligible. I was surprised at Beatrice and Eugenie's sensibleness and their clear admiration of their granny.

MedicatedMoo said...

I missed that show when it aired on BBC recently....

...loved seeing Chuck do the weather report on telly the other day though.

As for the violent guy who shoved a plastic plate in your neck - is a swift kick in the ghoulies permitted or is he wheelchair bound with grabby hands?

R.H. said...

I want to see you and mother doing the weather on TV.

I'll have paramedics here, standing by.

JahTeh said...

Ann is only intelligible to horses.
Considering that Fergie has had most to do with the girls, I was surprised at how normal they were. I still say that Fergie was covering for Airmiles Andy in that "cash for meeting my husband" sting that virtually got her banned from the Royals forever.

Kath, he's the size of a gnome going fast towards full Alzheimer's but still knows some things and he was a former copper. He should be in a secure lock up home not near little old ladies in wheel chairs who aren't with it enough to know when he's in a dangerous mood.
Unfortunately I'm not allowed to wallop him.

Robbert, there's nothing wrong with the old girl's mouth, she'd just get the wrong year, day and weather.

Elephant's Child said...

The Elephant's Child is indeed loving this weather. I trotted off to the pool at twenty to seven this morning. I tried to convince other regulars on the bus that it was crisp and clean and clear but they leant towards the effing freezing side of the equation.
I loved your solution to the fuzzy bits on the ipad. Loud smiles from here.
Some day the escapee is going to succeed and every one else will breathe a sigh of relief.

JahTeh said...

EC, I was there again today and they've asked me to put in an incident form even though there's no witnesses. I think it's to get some pattern to his behaviour.

And I'm right behind the effing freezing side of the equation.

iODyne said...

an ex-cop? I'd give him something particular up his lenticular. and no witnesses.

River said...

Lenticular cloud?
No, No, it's the Enterprise!
It is! It is!
It really is!

Had to laugh at you clearing the clouds from your mum's ipad.

I had a great Mothers Day, we all met at a restaurant in the hills for breakfast.

JahTeh said...

Stacks, the problem is, he is still so strong when he gets aggressive. I think they should use horse tranquilizer on him.

River, I hope you did the clicky bit and got the full view.
I stayed home, without a chocolate in the house and it was too cold to walk to the shop and get one.