Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm not violent but someone hide the shovel.

This image is from Finnish Lapland, you know the reindeers, snow, snow and more snow interspersed with ice and snow.  It comes down so hard and long that the trees start looking like this, straight out of that Ice World of StarWars, alien giants.  I think they dumped a young James T. Kirk on an ice world so snow and ice equals punishment, on the other hand, Hawaii is for lovely people like me, all sweetness and light.  Finnish Lapland is for family members who are giving me the irrits and for once it isn't my mother.

Thank the blessed IT goddess who invented iPads and zombie games.  It's keeping her amused in between read Pride and Prejudice, page l40 now.  It can catch you out if you aren't careful. Sister was playing with the icons, (something she said mother would never master) and she took her own photo, bwaahahahhahahha.  Up close and personal with her wrinkles, nose hair and no chin. I did her a favour and put it in the garbage bin along with mine, grey hair, wrinkles and 3 chins.

Friday is June and then it's 8 weeks until himbo and dimbo welcome the bambimbo.  If my sister says one more time that everything will work out, just wait and see then I will have to commit fratricide or should that be imbecilacide?  That sounds like something that would work on Abbott.
Back to sister who thinks dimbo's parents should build them a granny flat in their large EIGHT BLOODY WEEKS!!!!!!!  They need to get away from parents, aunts and grannies and start living their own lives.

Which brings me to shovel bashing old blokes who think dole bludgers should be sent to WA to get jobs in the mines.  Nephew is not on the dole for a start.  I really went off trying to tell this idiot how much it cost to get to WA, to live there, to even get a home there, never mind trying to get their families there (don't believe all you see in those mining ads) and then get a job interview hopefully to then get a job.  I hope the old fool watched the news last night to see how many Victorians suddenly lost their jobs yesterday.  Pardon the rant, I don't usually do Politics and stuff but according to ACA and 7.30, dole bludgers go to Byron Bay and live off maryjane and bananas and too much of one or the other causes street fights.  So frustrating dealing with idiots.

Elephant's Child, be a dear and nick over to Parl House and belt Abbott with a shovel, we'll all feel so much better. Come to think of it give one to Hockey, a passing blow to Rudd and mild slap to Jules to get her game up.  Honestly watching Canberra is like watching 6 trainwrecks going to happen and trying to decide which one would be the most fun.

And I need my $250 carbon tax money, I overspent on chocolate  tranquilizers.


Elephant's Child said...

I would LOVE to nip over to Parly House armed with digging implements but sadly fear that I wouldn't know where to stop. Some journalists could be included in the mix as well. And all of the shock jocks.
Sister sounds to be one of the insanely cheerful people who make me very lemon lipped. Sigh.
Take care of yourself. Cheating chocolate sounds fine to me - and I am off to see the doctor next week to discuss the results of my recent blood test. Joy and bliss.

River said...

You're pretty specific naming shovel hit recipients, I say run through the halls and rooms and whack anybody that dares to show his/her face. Tax this, levy that...we might as well all give up and live on the dole. I'm still not sure if I'm getting a $250 cash gift. I really hope dumb and dumber get their act together soon. Real soon.

Anonymous said...

'himbo and dimbo welcome the bambimbo'. That is clever!

Ann ODyne said...

dear Coppy you are just the best damn blogwriter

Lord Sedgwick said...

What Ms O'Dyne just said - and you can spell and have more than a passing acquaintance with grammar. (Obviously you've never practised the dark art of journalism.)

Jayne said...

Yes, shovels to the back of the head might work - won't knock any sense into the great gaping space between their ears but it's a good upper body workout and leaves one with a warm, fuzzy feeling.
We need a shovel tax.

JahTeh said...

EC, "lemon lipped" joyful description of me watching anything about our Parliamentarians. I hope your blood tests are fine, it's been cold enough.

River, I did get my $250 today and I bought new knickers, 6 pairs. I can stop patching up the old ones. I bet Craig Thompson doesn't patch his jocks but by the sounds of it, they don't get much wear.

Andrew, found out last night that neither of them has a rent record so rental agencies don't want to know. There are three parents to step up to the plate here and they better do something.

Thank you, Miss O'Dyne, just keep up the pressure but blogging does keep me from stupid things like housework.

OMG, Sedgers isn't dead! I can spell but just don't ask me to add up numbers unless it's how many Quality Street caramels are left in the tin 24 hours after I've bought it.

Jayne, I would really like a good punch-up in the chamber like the great times in the Japanese Parliament. We don't need a shovel tax, we need free shovels.

MedicatedMoo said...

Yes, do it, E-Child!

And: "himbo and dimbo welcome the bambimbo" - I smile in admiration and a huge dollop of jealous!

Lord Sedgwick said...

I can spell but just don't ask me to add up numbers unless it's how many Quality Street caramels are left in the tin 24 hours after I've bought it

That *figures* my dearest favoretist ranga.

I can stop patching up the old ones. I bet Craig Thompson doesn't patch his jocks but by the sounds of it, they don't get much wear.

Mind you from what I saw of the footage of the wannabee escapees from Parliament I reckon there were serious skid marks on Mr Rabbit and Mr Chihuahua Pyne's underdaks.

JahTeh said...

Kath, I wish I could have thought a moniker up for his mother. She rang last night to ask if I knew the names of the other grandparents, she'd forgotten.

Lord Silvertongue, you'd have made a great politician but for that one big flaw, you're an honest man.

Middle Child said...

There is not a statesman or stateswoman amongst any of them - they are just ramped up bureaucrats with big superannuation. I would take a big stick to the lot of them all at once there is no such thing as right and left wing - someone said once "Right wing...left wing...same bird" - The personalities (not that they have any) don't matter its those driving them who make the real decisions the Julias and Tony's are just the show ponies