Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Save me, I'm drowning.

This is me contemplating a family massacre if only I could get away with it.
The BOH came home with smile and I'm thinking, they've finallly found a house, unit, tent, anything to live in.
A smile can generate such hope.
And then he says he's bought a bike to ride to work to save money and lose weight!!
It's the middle of fecking winter, okay not quite, just feels like it, it's pouring rain outside and the wind chill would do Everest justice.
His mother thinks it's a grand idea because he is getting a bit big.  He isn't living with her and she's not going to worry about greasy roads and oncoming traffic and he hasn't ridden a bike since he was 16. 
Why didn't he just hire an exercise bike, put it in the carport where he could ride for a couple of hours in the freezing wind but not worry about actually setting wheel upon road?
Because that would be easy and safe.
I haven't seen the bike yet, he hasn't ridden to work yet but he has a helmet.


Elephant's Child said...

You were with me the whole time. I can swear to it.

Anonymous said...

oh good lord, not to mention the fact that it's blowing a gale out and it's going to be a head wind one way or the other!


JahTeh said...

Of course I was, EC, I'll give myself frostbite to prove it.

Fen, I always hoped our genes would outweigh his father's but given that I'm beginning to think my sister is a moron, he had no chance. Did I mention he's 39?

MedicatedMoo said...


Dear god...... you were with me and E Child, here in Geneva, speaking at the open mike session at the last UN meeting.

River said...

Well, at least he's got the helmet...
My bike is currently gathering dust in the back porch, the tyres need pumping up and I've tried to do that, but can't get any air into them. They're not punctured, because they're not completely flat. I rode to a servo and used the air hose there, but the air just doesn't go in. I'm thinking maybe the valves are faulty?
Anyway, it's too cold and wet to go riding now, so I'll wait until winter is over then get the bike shop in town to look at it.
Has BOH considered applying for public housing? With nowhere to live and a child on the way, I'm sure they could find him something quick smart.

JahTeh said...

Kath, I inherited him when he had the disc prolapse and he never went back to the love nest of the dimbo because he couldn't sleep in her bed. I think even she eventually twigged that he could have taken his chipboard base and seriously hard mattress and put it on her bed. By the way, she's 30 going on 18.

River, I haven't seen either yet. And I did mention about an emergency with the baby and how fast could he peddle home.
There is hope though, a home viewing today and according to my stars, a good week for wishes to come true.

Jayne said...

Tell him how insane Melb car drivers are - we only ride on the footpath and the mongrels still try to run us down.
Or remind him of the pain of the prolapsed disc and how easily he could injure himself again with one little slip.

R.H. said...

Hey Jayne, that was funny.

JahTeh said...

Jayne, BikeBoy took one look at the weather this morning and drove the car to work.
I always rode my bike on the footpath, I was too big a target for the road.

Ann ODyne said...

The bike money should have been flat rent ?

and how can he be so stupendously THOUGHTLESS as to not remember his beloved cousin died on a motorbike and force you into That Worry Zone. I could punch him.
that poor little child - because I had one really dumb parent and one really insane parent, I have great empathy for that infant and all the hell it will endure before, against all odds, it turns out bright and lovely as I did.

(I will not sulk if you delete this)

R.H. said...

The cuckoo hovers.

R.H. said...

That'll get her off her arse.

R.H. said...

RH. Sentimental fool.
"If I loved You"
(A schizophrenic's handbook)

Years ago in San Diego I was looking in the window of a toy shop. It was Horton Plaza, very early in the morning, shops not open yet but a few people passing through. I was watching a little trapese display, mechanised somehow. A little girl came up and stood beside me, the mother called her away immediately. Maybe there was nothing in it but it was saddening.

Davoh said...

Bleah - you think you have problems? Try living in my house fer a week or two.

R.H. said...

You're in a house now?

What happened to the caravan, re-possessed?

JahTeh said...

Annie O, there is always one good throwback in the genepool but think how really really brilliant you would have been had not your parents been bottomfeeders. Nobel Prize even.

Oh Robbert, "If I loved you" one of my all time favourite songs.

Rodents, feral goats, or just freezing cold, Davoh?

JahTeh said...

River, you struck a nerve there because I don't believe that a family with 4 kids should be shoved off their place in the housing list because of two young people, well comparatively young.

River said...

I don't believe a family with 4 kids would be shoved out of their place on the list. The housing Trust would be more likely to find BH a small flat anywhere as soon as one is available. Like mine. The tenant here got a better place somehow, and the flat was vacant just when I had my interview. They offered it, I took it.

Middle Child said...

I have an exercise bike gathering dust in the shed if you like - maybe thats what'll happen with his bike