Friday, June 22, 2012

Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers have taken quite a beating over the last week, thankfully none of them were my regular drivers around Cheltenham and Mentone.  We must be more placid here.  Yesterday though I was witness to a very rude display to a driver.  Freezing cold, raining cats and dogs so I was pleased to see a line of taxis when I came out of Southland on my way to see mother.
A taxi pulls up, the mother with child in front of me takes a step forward as the driver gets out to help her with parcels.  She takes one look at him and says she'll take the next cab and walks away.
He looks bewildered then asks me if I want a ride.  I'm in the seat like a shot and ready to go. He's a regular driver and asks if I'm going home or going to the Home and asks if I have a problem with him as a driver.  Are you kidding, the man knows exactly where to take me without instructions and not the long way round, knows I hate a right hand turn out of Argus Street into Warrigul Road, stops right at my drive so I have no trouble getting out and is always polite. 
I don't know what nationality he was or is, he had a sort of 4 day beard growth, short hair, no body odour, cab smelt okay so I don't know what the woman's problem was but I think she was very rude.

It has been a monster of a week. My feet are still getting warm and I've only been out to see mother twice.  Usually the Home is too hot but not this week. She's still enjoying the iPad and the staff keep downloading more games for her but angry birds is about all she can cope with although there is some penguin game that's supposed to be fun. And glory be, Fergusson Plarre is open for business again and a custard tart disappeared from the bag faster than lightning. She said lunch was horrible, the tart was welcome and don't forget to bring more.

So I left with the third taxi driver for the day.  He waited patiently while I negotiated his new fangled high off the ground cab.  Instead of being able to just pull my feet in, there is some sort of ledge so I have to lift the feet in.  Difficult when carrying two bags and levering the lardarse onto the seat. Another nice bloke who knew the area and I had no problems with him.  Mind you I wouldn't take the job if it was the last one on earth.


Andrew said...

Maybe it was the four day growth that put her off him. Gee, it was only a taxi ride, not a snogging.

Lord Sedgwick said...

Her indoors' grandfather started up the Ararat Taxi service, as well as being before that a hairdresser and bespoke SP bookie - sorry, Hyacinth reminds me - 'turf accountant'. He was known as 'Silver Bill'. Most people thought it was on account of his lush white hair, but apparently it was because he had a habit of paying the punters in coins.

Jayne said...

What a silly cow.
Yes, I loathe any right hand turns into Warrigal Rd unless with a set of lights (shudder).
Feel sorry for the poor drivers with nutjobs on the loose like that - and those nasty thugs.

River said...

I do agree the woman was rude without good reason. but there have been stories on the news about taxi drivers assaulting and raping women, so perhaps she was just playing safe.
I've never had any trouble with taxi drivers myself, but I rarely use taxis anyway, buses are cheaper and while I can still get on and off them, buses it shall be. Noisy, crowded, smelly, uncomfortable seats, grabbing onto anything handy to stop myself falling off the seats buses.

MedicatedMoo said...

I wouldn't take that job either.

....working at the counter of a bank for two years was long enough to encounter far too many unpleasant, rude and weird people!

Fen said...

I always use Bernard St to get into Warrigal Rd. Well mainly because it's right near my house, but also coz it has lovely lights. Argus St is too painful.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, no more than some Hollywood stars and a taxi on a rainy day at Southland is not to be pissed off.

MiLord, my father worked for a 'turf accoutant', a noble profession in the days before TAB even if the coppers didn't think so.

Jayne, I've nearly lost two taxis and me doing that right hand turn. Once with a truck that cut the corner and the other was a woman driver who just didn't see us until she was nearly parked in our laps.

River, if I get a bus I still have to walk which I don't mind in the warmer months. The news here was round the other way, taxi drivers were set on and cabs bashed with baseball bats.

Kath, it amazes me how rude people can be when they're on the paying side of the counter. A smile at San Churro always gets me a bigger side serve of ice-cream.

Fen, of course you'd know what I mean about Argus St. Have you checked out the new apartment block right on Mentone Station? All the cars have to come out into Swanston Street right on the corner of Balcombe road, that's going to be a bunfight. Don't stop for coffee there, it's 50 cents a cup more than in Mentone.

R.H. said...

You'd be a fearsome taxi driver, very stern, you'd even charge mother for a trip.

JahTeh said...

Kidding RH, I wouldn't let her in the cab.
I'd be a good cabbie, I don't have a licence.

Lord Sedgwick said...

'I don't have a licence.'

Coppertop, don't be so coy. You know you have licence to so anything. (I know. I have the bruises and the shredded underwearwithal.)

Middle Child said...

I met a taxi driver out here twice - she is lovely. She is a large Maori woman and I wouldn't take her on for a million bucks but but she's such a happy little vegemite - always hope i will get who drove me to the airport the other day was awful...he just talked and talked and all i needed to do was say yes and was the longest trip not because he talked - I like a good talk but he was soooo boring a detail freak