Monday, August 06, 2012

Best Olympic photo ever

Brass medal to the suggestion that we'll win more medals if children are forced  to do sport at school.
I was forced to do sport and hated every minute of the time I spent on the ground after falling over or off equipment.  Falling from the uneven bars left me winded and thinking I was dying. I nearly broke a leg falling over the hurdles and they weren't even upright. I had big boobs, running caused injuries to anyone near me.
Swimming wasn't bad but I kept forgetting which side I had to breathe and usually swam to the bottom of the pool.  Diving?????  You couldn't get me to climb up the ladder.  Basketball, forget that although I wish I could forget falling on asphalt and skinning knees, elbows and knuckles.

So you could say I'm not in favour of forcing anyone to do sport if they're not suited to it.  It would be like forcing sporty types to do needlework.  I haven't forgotten the PE teacher who nearly broke my neck forcing me to do a forward roll over a vaulting horse. I like watching the gymnastics but I feel the pain again after all these years. Woman truly was a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Forcing kids to do sport who don't want to is very wrong.

R.H. said...
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Ann ODyne said...

one Speech Night in high school I looked at the musclebound legs of the girl who got Best All Rounder and thought - nuh. no way. I still have visible shin lumps from hockey injuries.
Wet cat is a worry, but the best picture may be one we never see - did anyone else notice a photographer laying on the ground on the landing side of the women's steeplechase hurdle? big lens. tiny tiny tight knickers on those leaping girls. what a fn perve.

Elephant's Child said...

Compulsory sport? No. I loathed it nearly as much as it loathed me. And had fifteen stitches in my foot when the idiot teacher found some glass in the outfield and put it beside the wicket to be 'out of the way'. We were all playing vigaro (vile game) in bare feet when muggins me came up to the wicket and embedded the neck of the bottle in my foot.

River said...

I don't believe in forcing sports on kids either. I never liked it although I didn't mind trying gymnastics, I soon realised I might as well have tied my ankles together for all the good I did there. sometimes our sports lesson was used to teach us a folk dance or two, I really loved those!
I got out of most team sports by volunteering to keep score.

MedicatedMoo said...

HATED the 'pick a team' ethos behind sport AND the fact that the bonehead bully who could catch or throw or kick some leather better than anyone else was always revered at school.

The only karma was discovering that, for most of them, school was their highlight.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, it didn't help that my sister could jump over the high bar from a standing start.

Yeah, Robbert, but can they eat Quiche?
What about the idiot throwing the bottle on the track field? Bet he wished he hadn't been sitting beside the judo champ who beat the crap out of him.

Annie O, the mean look on that cat is divine. Can't fault Phelps this time round, he seemed to be a bit more humble.

EC, Vigaro was a horrible sport and I figured the best way not to get hurt was to be a bowler but I tripped over my own feet so many times I was bounced to the outfield. Good job too as none of the teams could hit that far.

River, the only thing I like watching about the Olympics is the rhythmic gymnastics. I was got out of sport by simply not putting my name down for my House after lst year. I wouldn't get away with it in these computer days.

Kath, I really did give everything ONE try including softball but I never got the hang of catching the damn hard ball with the hand that had the glove on.
I didn't mind the team picking as no-one wanted the fat kid and I had time to read a book.

R.H. said...

Of course they'll eat quiche! At the height of my villainy I was cooking stews and roasts and setting the table for two innocent young ladies here! Good heavens, a real man is what he must be on occasion.

R.H. said...


R.H. said...

His Worship: "Who is the next defendant?"

Court official: "RH, your Worship."

His Worship: "Call RH."

Court official, calls: "RH....?"

His Worship: "Try outside."

Court official: "RH...RH...RH....."

His Worship: "Hmmm."

Court official: "No appearance, your Worship."

Get fucked your Worship.

And all your offspring.

R.H. said...

Just popping in to say I'm off to Cairns this week. I'm trying to clean the place up a bit before we go and it's putting up a hell of a fight. This trip is a sentimental journey (not mine), although I've made one. Don't ever bother doing it, the past is a ghost town.

Per Baroness Elizabeth Annette Droste-Hulshoff.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, thoroughly agree with you, the past is okay to take a stroll through but I'd never want to linger.

Middle Child said...

My eldest sister and I actively hid from sports ...although i did love swimming and was happy there - its an individual sport...I liked a bit of tennis, a bit of basketball, a bit od Rounders (remember rounders)...but not too much but we walked everywhere so not doubt were very healthy