Saturday, November 03, 2012

I love LOLcats!

Who needs Alfred Hitchcock or Stephen King when there are LOLcats that say it all.


River said...

LOL cats and dogs used to be the first and last thing I looked at whenever I logged on. Then one day I didn't have time to go there and now I'm afraid to because I'll lose about six weeks catching up on everything I haven't seen.

Elephant's Child said...

And they are almost invariably spot on. LOLcats rule! As do the fiendish felines who reside with me.

MedicatedMoo said...

LOLcats and I haz a hotdog are a deliciously decadent way to waste time in an innocent way :)

Middle Child said...

My daughter has found an amazingly scary cat site - will have to find it for you

R.H. said...

Old Ma Noonan, my childhood mentor, was squeamish about cats. But she was a lying old bag, told me grape seeds would grow in my gut. One day the local idiot pissed on her leg while she was gossiping in the street. Serves her right.

JahTeh said...

River, if I need a laugh, it's the first thing I look for.

EC, they're so clever and the black ones often remind me of your two dears.

Kath, my other favourite is the cat sitting on the toilet seat saying, "Harry, you're a whizzer".

MC, I'm not on facebook but if I want scary I can always go back to your blog although the lovelies seem to have calmed down.

Robbert, how do you know they didn't and they're just lying in wait to burst into wine. You had a local idiot, how upscale can you get? Mind you with Parliament, everyone has a local idiot now.

Ann ODyne said...

Hi Coppy - I used to subscribe to LOLcat updates until I had 875 in my Inbox that I couldn't bear to delete and Something Had To Be Done.
A healthy cat is a joy to be around.
Did I mention I now have my cat returned after 6 years on a farm?

JahTeh said...

Annie O, I am so glad you're reunited with the pussy after 6 long years.
I can't help myself with lolcats, some are just so hilarious.
Whoever thought up ceiling cat and basement cat should get a medal.