Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oz wins again.

This image was taken by Thierry Legault in Queensland and it worked because he had the rising moon behind him.
The Wallaman Falls has a moonbow from moonlight shining through the mist just like a rainbow.  Above the ridge is the horizontal streak of an aircraft and the bright downward streak is a meteor.  Behind the meteor are the stars, nebula and the band of the Milky Way Galaxy circling the sky.

And for anyone interested in more shots like the last post this is where you'll find them.


Elephant's Child said...

Beyond beautiful. No link though. Unless I missed it, which is quite possible.

Unknown said...

I'll trust you to select the best and show us. It is a fantastic photo.

River said...

That's a lovely shot. I've never thought to use the rising moon as a light source.

JahTeh said...

EC, link was for the last post.

Andrew, I'm sure you would do as well. All you have to do is rig a safety net and hang out over the highrise, especially on Balloon mornings.

River, I've often been outside when the full moon is so bright you could almost read by it but didn't have a camera. Now I have and I'm just waiting for the next moonrise.

iODyne said...

Andrew! - don't listen to her FFS.

Coppy darling those people who called it a moonbow should have called it a mistbow or a fallbow or refracted light. It is, however, quite lovely, as nature tends to be.
Please keep up the inspiring works.
Marshall ODyne

JahTeh said...

Spoilsport. Stacks, you know Andrew's game for anything that shows off his manly fearlessness.