Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The countdown is on.

It's only 21 days til Christmas.  TWENTY-ONE, do you realize?
I'm ready.
There's gin and bubbly in the cupboard.
I have two of my favourite authors hidden so I can't read them until the day.
I have one of my favourite stories, The Wind in the Willows, ready to watch on a new dvd I was lucky to find on ebay.
I have bought exactly one present.
I do have several lined up waiting to be sewn but I keep changing the colours.  I'll have to stop, time is running out. Still there's nothing wrong with a New Year unexpected gift.
All I have to do is survive the Residents Christmas party and the Residents Christmas dinner.
Fortunately, Christmas Day is three days from the full moon.
Every year it feels less like a celebration and more like a memory and some of those memories I'd like to forget.
I'll be really upset this year if the ex doesn't send me an email of his garishly decorated abode including The Blonde with her nose so bright (a fondness for Christmas booze) hanging off the rooftop.
He was no slouch at the nose so bright either, having been born on the 24th which meant he was pissed from that day until January 2nd. 
I didn't manage to get the Christmas brooch tree up for this year but that's okay there's no room for it in the mess of boxes that are cluttering up the lounge because I'm still trying to organize my mess from the BOH's mess.  My Christmas wish is for them to get a house and move it all away.
I don't have a Christmas wish for me, I've lived another 12 months, it's a gift.


Elephant's Child said...

For some years now all I have wanted for Christmas is Boxing Day when the fuss is over, and there are plenty of left overs in the fridge to point out to people who are foolish enough to think I might be preparing a meal. The good thing about this wish? So far it has always come true.
Good luck with those Christmas parties - you do know that we expect a post about them don't you?

Anonymous said...

'I have bought exactly one present.' Really, you shouldn't have. I don't want you spending your hard earnt on me.

River said...

I'm about as ready as I can be. last weekend I went out and bought a half-dozen gift cards, next week I'll post the two gifts that need sending, then I'll put the tree up and that's it. I'm not fussing with Christmas foods, apart from making the mince pies that K and J love, plus a batch for my friends at work.

MedicatedMoo said...

I reckon about 90% of my Chrissie prep is done - just need to survive the 29 hours of travelling beforehand!

JahTeh said...

EC, I know what you mean, for me it was a sit down and read day without my in-laws watching every mouthful I ate.

Andrew, I hope you appreciate how much trouble I went to for you. It was a real pain hand dipping every one of those little viagra pills in melted chocolate.

River, You are banned from posting photos of those divine mince pies unless you are taking up our suggestion of paid up home deliveries to Melbourne and Canberra.

Kath, does this mean the Locketts are home for Christmas? But precious Millie, LoveChunks will just have to stay behind for Millie. The good news is that you can now buy your favourite iced coffee in Melbourne and if you hit Adelaide fast enough, you might get lovely mince pies.

River said...

I could try home deliveries, but the pies might get a little squashed. If that's okay with you and the Elephant's Child, I'll make extra and package them up. I'll need ECs address, one of you will have to email me.
If Kath makes her way to my flat, she might get lucky.

R.H. said...

Merry Christmas. To the moth-eaten and the magnificent. Bums, the lot of you.

Wake up!

Racist. Misogynist. Lecher. Homophobe.

JahTeh said...

River, I jest but next year we'll do it properly. You set the price and we'll get Andrew to drive over and pick up the goodies.

Considering your age Rochester, who are you calling 'moth-eaten'.
Doesn't 'lecher' come with an a?

R.H. said...

Look it up.