Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I blame comets, solar flares and the full moon.

Accordingly to Link astrologer to blogsters and good at it, the full moon is especially moony this week.  I think she's right, I would dearly love to slap my sister, again. I believe this is the 50th time I've wished this and haven't done it yet.  And I found out that the blood clot went from mother's heart into her lung/s and is now goddess know where but she lives. 
That image up there could be the exact double of the IceBear.  He certainly does everything on that list and the scratch something is usually the chair he's sitting in and if we had a dog he would taunt it. He's now discovered that sitting on me in bed makes a good post for bird watching in the mornings.  And speaking of bird watching, I have a bird I need identifying but everytime I take the camera to the Home, the bird doesn't appear.
The only image exactly like him I've found on line is from South America.  He is blue on top, no other markings, a paler blue underneath, red eyes and a red/orange beak. He's taken up residence on the bird bell near Ma's window and chases off the lorrikeets.  He's slightly bigger than them so, no, not a budgie.  He's used to people or he's so hungry he's not leaving the bird bell and I think he might have escaped from somewhere.
Hopefully I'll have a photo op sometime over Easter and post them here.


Vest said...

Beware, Macfarlanes lantern will bring out the loonies.

JahTeh said...

Vest, believe me, it's no urban myth, they were ramping up on Tuesday for the weekend. This is only a 30 bed home so beware the 150 bed ones.

Elephant's Child said...

I was on call for LL on Tuesday night and yes, the loonies were out in force and playing hard.
The Ice-bear look alike reminds me of a better looking version of a cat who moved in on us. WhiteCat (by the time we knew he was staying he had named himself 'the WhiteCat is back. White Cat was in the kitchen...').
Would you feel better if you did give in to temptation and deck your sister? It does seem as if she sits up and begs for it often enough.

River said...

It's full moon week? No wonder things are crazy around here. I thought it was me going nuts. Nice to know I was wrong.
Good to hear Mum is still going strong.
Why not put up the bird picture you found and see if someone can identify it? I hope you manage to get a photo, he sounds interesting with the double blues. Oh! Perhaps he is a football mascot (dyed feathers), which team has double blues?

Ann ODyne said...

Snap! I did an Easter Cat post too.
and FFS just drop her like a stone - you have the weight advantage.
Aren't all sisters supposed to fight? (I an only child).

Maybe your bird IS from South America? and you'll have fun here Bird Finder was it 'Small, Tail Up' or 'Small, Tail down' ?

happy and safe Easter everybody, with added chocolate

JahTeh said...

EC, love your new photo, is this due to a change of personality?
My sister said a snotty thing about Ma which never happened when she said it had and this was just after I'd spent 12 hours at the hospital so it was good that she said it over the phone and I could hang up.

River, I haven't managed to get a photo yet but Mum has a couple on her iPad so I'm not dreaming. He really is the most beautiful lavender blue, not as bright as a budgie, softer but it's the red/orange beak that I've never seen before. And as big or bigger than the lorikeets and definitely long tail down.

Annie O, when I wind up the estate and hand over the cheque, I'll probably never hear from her again.
I have an egg, it has pistachios and cranberries in it and I am going to enjoy every mouthful.

Elephant's Child said...

Same photo - but personality (poisonality) could do with a change. And yes, one at least of my brothers prefers to interact with me over the phone - probably safer for him. Certainly safer.