Monday, March 11, 2013

I should have posted a waterfall.

This is Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan photographed by Martin Reitze early this year.

What's interesting about this volcano are the lightning bolts near the volcano's summit.
Scientists are still working out the cause of volcanic lightning from catapulting magma bubbles being electrically charged or charge inducing collisions in volcanic dust. Considering they haven't really worked out why lightning occurs in ordinary thunderstorms, it could be a while.

And for those who love lightning, it is usually occurring somewhere on Earth, typically over 40 times each second.


Elephant's Child said...

That is a truly impressive image - from a distance.

Ann ODyne said...

thanks for the thrill Copperwitch. I put his name into image search and saw his other fantastic pictures as well. nothing is as compelling as the planet spewing molten rock and we are on it.
x x

River said...

I love lightning, as long as it doesn't strike homes and people. And pets. I love the crack, the flash, the smell of ozone. I was really excited that time I was walking home from work through a thunderstorm and lightning struck the middle of the road just a few metres away from me on the footpath. Thankfully the road was empty.

JahTeh said...

EC, yes, distance is something to be desired. I used to like watching bonfires from a long way away.

Annie O, I could just trawl through them all day and so envious that I can't use a camera like he does.

River, I don't mind watching lightning from inside and one day I'll be sitting where I can watch it over the sea.

R.H. said...

Post something! Wake up to yourself.

Get going! Boogie!!! You'll stop being lethargic when you stop being a lesbian.

R.H. said...

Ann ODyne is a lesbian.

Elephant's Child is a lesbian.

MybabyJohnDelores is a lesbian.

River is a lesbian.*

*And then some!

JahTeh said...

Something on your mind, Rochester?

Let me see, you left out, overweight, old, not so good health but above everything, we put up with you.