Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hippo Birdy Miss O'Dyne.

From one graduate of the Elly Lukas School of Elegance to another, I give you a dress and the wish that we both looked like Christy Turlington back in the days instead of the Mod chicks we were.
 And a cake, black and white, forever elegant but never fattening especially on a birthday.
And the present. Choices, what choices but I decided on Lawrence Graff instead of Harry Winston.
Just in keeping with the black and white theme. I thought of the Widow and her Champagne but with those heels, you'd kill yourself so we'll stick to G&T, Bombay Sapphire naturally.


Elephant's Child said...

Oooh. Happy birthday to the very elegant and classy Miss O'D. And may it be full of love, laughter and furry beasts to go with the G & T, cake and gifts.

Ann ODyne said...

oh my dears how absolutely divinely us - diamonds, drinks and dresses. I shall change immediately from the rags I wore to spend the (dry) day hacking away 10 tons of jasmine from the water tank before the weight of it brings the old rotted tankstand down.
Yes El Chi 'furry beasts', now I am feeding a stray cat that has been wild around here for a year and it is so pleased to get attention (finally) that it is all over me constantly in the garden.
Highriser and R sent me virtual flowers the darlings.
Love to you all.

River said...

Why would you want to look like Christy Turlington? She looks like she never enjoyed a vanilla slice in her life.
Happy Birthday Miss O'Dyne. That necklace is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I don't like mud cake. I rather like a Safeway sponge though. Why does no one get me a cake that looks like your pictured one. Who cares what it tastes like.

EC, Miss O'D classy and elegant? I suppose she is really. She only ever uses the F word in context and never in casual speech.

JahTeh said...

EC, there would be a gift but it's been added to the Christmas gift that hasn't been made yet.

Annie O, you've just reminded me about the Jasmine rambling from over the back fence. Damn neighbours, it doesn't grow on their side, comes over for my sun and I start sneezing. You realize you now have another cat for life?

River, Miss O and I once had the boobs for that dress and Turlington is plus size compared to today's twig figures on a catwalk. I can't imagine never having a vanilla slice in my life.

Andrew, another mudcake hater, good. You would have loved my grandmother's sponge cakes baked in a wood fired oven, they almost floated they were so light. When you reach 100 we will all chip in and buy you a special cake.
Of course Miss O is classy and elegant, we was taught it at the elegance college.

Ann ODyne said...

Thank you River and yes CameraFace I never met a cake I didn't like.

I posted an opulent cupcake to Coppy one time. In one of those yellow Next Day Guaranteed bags. still laughing.

JahTeh said...

She froze the cupcake, it arrived just in time for breakfast perfectly thawed. It's brightened my day just thinking of how wonderful it tasted.