Monday, October 07, 2013

Step away from the "Buy" button.

Aren't they just divine, gorgeous, luscious?  Step away from the "Buy" button??  It was never going to happen the longer I looked deep into these earrings.  Pierced, of course, but the back is flat enough to take a glued on clip arrangement which will turn them upside down and I'm ready to wear. You never know, I might go somewhere in one of my two green velvet dresses and I'll need these.
What would my life be without jewells, boring that's what.
Thanks to the ever helpful Miss O'Dyne who signed me up to Pinterest, I've just spent an hour and a half watching a slide show of lovely jewellery, not on that site though.  Since I first set up a computer in 2005, I've downloaded images of everything that interested me but I haven't kept them on the computer, I've put them all on CDs.  All on a master then on CDs in categories. I've only watched the jewell one and considering my memory hasn't been the best lately, I'm surprised at how many of them I could recall names of and ownership, we just won't mention how many ownerships are mine.
Pinterest looks interesting and once I get the hang of moving around I'm sure I'll enjoy every time wasting minute. Not time wasting, I should say educational experience and learning also calming instead of downing tranqs and Gin as the good ship Mother keeps sailing through my life.


Anonymous said...

Might clash with your hair. Change your hair colour to brunette.

Elephant's Child said...

Yup. They are stunning. Worth the no doubt exorbitant price tag. You don't have pierced ears? I would lose too many precious things if I didn't.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, emerald with red hair except if you're Liz Taylor and her emeralds were much bigger than her dark hair.

EC, the thought of putting a needle through my earlobes gives me chills. I just glue a nice clip to the back and I'm in business.
It was too late to email you last night about the French ship and its Antarctic cruise, great viewing.

River said...

They're gorgeous! And I have pierced ears, but nothing suitably fancy to wear with them. They'd look a bit odd with scruffy jeans and a ratty t-shirt I suppose.

Ann ODyne said...

put an ice cube on the lobe to freeze it then a cork behind it before the piercing. It doesn't hurt any more than your knees do. You don't think Calabrian women of 1920 went to the local chemist for their pierced ears do you?

River darling, gems like that can be worn with any clothing because nobody would notice anything else about you (except the hunky bodyguard you would need).

PS AOD shutdown again nothing personal.

JahTeh said...

River, nothing wrong with wearing them around the house, it brightens up the scruffiness.

Annie O, my ears are as sensitive as my toes, needles in both chill my blood. Think dentist without pain killers.

Re the shutdown, trolls or renovating?

Ann ODyne said...

How appropriate that Emeralds & Diamonds are the standard 7th Blog Anniversary gift.
What an achievement dear CW, and thanks for the pleasure, the humour and the bling.