Saturday, October 25, 2014

Don't count your mothers before they despatch

The happy clappy time didn't last very long.
She's going but very slowly.  Congestive heart failure and morphine to help.
But this morning she insisted on getting up and having a shower.
I'm so tired I by-passed a chocolate shop because I couldn't be bothered trying to decide what to buy.
I hit Mentone by cab this morning to find my sister waiting for a cab after her shift at the Home.
Tart had scratched the scratchie she'd bought for me and used it to buy a pizza.  Karma's a bitch while she spoke to me, a little old man took her cab.
So if you don't see me again for a while, you know where I am.  I'm starting to feel like a Deathwatch beetle.  If mother has any idea of what's happening, she's not saying, total denial has always been her strength.
I have had to explain to a few of the newer nurses that our family is strange and than when I say we will have to drop her in a vat of molten metal to knock her off, we are just joking. The oldies know we're not joking, they've seen her come back from the brink too many times, even they refer to her as The Terminator.
I can only say that Doc Marvin is a wonder, I wish we could clone him.


Anonymous said...

Is your sister like you Jah Teh? Well turned out, kind, gracious and sweet?

Elephant's Child said...

And I wish you could clone Doc Marvin too. So very much.
And am chortling at Andrew's comment.

River said...

J..J..J..tsk! When passing a chocolate shop, one does not decide what to buy. One simply walks in and gets one of everything!
I'm laughing at Andrew and echoing Elephant's Child, someone please clone Doc Marvin. Several times, so every city can have a Doc Marvin.
Thinking of you while this goes on, your mum certainly has "staying power", like British Paints, she keeps on keeping on.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, of course she is unless her horse loses a race by a whisker and there's no beer in the frig then she's nothing like me.

EC, you should have a Doc Marvin parcel under the Christmas tree but even he is surprised by mother's survival skills.

River, a few minutes after the morphine this afternoon, I could see her relax back on the pillows and felt like asking, "Can I have what she's having?"
I made up for the chocolate by shovelling a handful of Magnum ice-creams into my bag on the way home tonight. Choice is such a joy.