Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another gem.

A real gem, honest.  This little diamond encrusted brooch is actually an Alaskan Wood Frog which becomes an froggy ice block during the freezing winters.  It stops breathing and its heart stops beating.  When spring arrives the frogsicle thaws out and goes on its way.  I love it.  Reminds me of mother who keeps coming back to life but without the cuteness factor.


Elephant's Child said...

I was completely blown away when I learnt about them. Resilience squared. And cute with it - and that photo is enchanting.

River said...

What she said^.
Thanks EC, I was wondering how to word my amazement.

JahTeh said...

EC, so many things are disappearing before we get to see them. We know practically nothing about the deep oceans but if anything good can be said about the plane that went down in the Indian Ocean, it's that we know now a lot more about what the undersea is like.

River, I'd like to be like this and freeze for the winter except I really felt the heat this year and we didn't have much..