Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Christmas and birthday in July

This is an essence bottle by Gil Roberts and is called Oz. You'll find more of his work here.
The bottle is made from Russian smokey quartz accented with opal and edwards black jade.
The dipper is l8k yellow gold with opals and black jade.
It's sitting on a base of black jade, chrysoprase opal and black jade laminate.

I certainly will accept this for my birthday and Christmas in July, start saving.  I don't know how much it costs but if I have to ask, you can't afford it and I don't want you to stop trying to buy it for me. 


Elephant's Child said...

Just beautiful.
The link doesn't work though.

River said...

It certainly is beautiful, if my favourite perfume was still available, I'd put it in that.

JahTeh said...

EC, sorry about that, I did have some trouble with the html but thought I fixed it. Put it in the address bar, it's worth a visit.

River, what was your favourite perfume? It definitely said 'essence' so I presumed it meant essential oils like lavender or neroli.
My sister just bought essential oils and the free gift was an electric oil burner which she gave to me. I can't use my candle burner because the Bear is fascinated by candle flame.

DK said...

Hi JahTeh, I want you to have this perfume bottle. I am going to start saving up so that I can give it to you. I should have enough money in 50 years or so. I hope that you can wait that long. Otherwise it's the thought that counts. Dotson.

JahTeh said...

DK, if thoughts were facts,half of Parliament would be tied to stakes and the peasants would be lighting the fires.
So happy thoughts are okay in my life excluding the one where I finally get it and the cat knocks it over and it breaks.