Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Moon.

 The Galleries of eclipse photos are out and I think these are the best three I've seen so far.  Above is the International Space Station crossing the partial eclipse.  Copyright Thierry Legault.

This one of the full eclipse was taken mid-air by Paul Homback.

This one is of the famous 'diamond ring' just before the sun completely disappears.  The same diamond shine appears on the opposite side as the moon moves on.

Yesterday marked an Equinox and a new Moon.  The new Moon was at Perigee, the closest point of its orbit around Earth and marks the largest new Moon of 2015.  Add that to the Solar Eclipse and we didn't miss one bit of Moon Madness.  This particular madness would have started at least 3 days before and will end, hopefully, about 3 days into next week.

Did it affect me?  No, if I discount the vivid dreams sailing through my sleeping mind like a movie marathon, full colour and 3D which I remembered fully up to 2 minutes after waking.
Through the day, images would flash into my mind and disappear.  My stars said to be careful of machinery so I spoke respectfully to the computer and didn't slam the lid on the washing machine when the clothes tangled.  

Now the days start getting longer and the ghastly football rubbish begins.


River said...

"Now the days start getting longer" Are you sure? Where I come from winter days are shorter. I suppose endless football would make them seem longer.
That first picture looks like a perforated moon. Tear along the dotted line, ha ha. Love the diamond ring effect.

Elephant's Child said...

Football rubbish doesn't get a look in here.
Love those lunar images - and am certainly affected by them.
I am really, really looking forward to the end of daylight saving and perhaps being able to get up in the light again.

Unknown said...

I agree about football rubbish and I am looking forward to our longer winter days.

JahTeh said...

Oops, River is right, the days are shorter, the football nights are longer.

EC, predictions for the weather on Wednesday, cold front with minor snowfalls but back to the 20s after that. The one day I have to go out

Andrew, just turned the 24 hours news to find out that they have shut down business today to praise Malcolm. They didn't do that for Gough.
You can look forward to winter, you live above the weather.

R.H. said...

Malcolm Fraser was a mongrel. Country squire and supercilious turd.

Go Tigers.