Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Wintour says "No selfies at Met Gala"

Next year perhaps Anna  Wintour might say bring classy dressing, leave showgirl trash at home.  One journalist excused Jennifer Lopez's daring bit of net because her body was toned to perfection. Someone's big foot on the back of that train and nothing would be excused.  

I looked at this and in my mind I could see the ever lovely Cher wearing it.  And why would it have been better on the Cher body because she never took herself seriously and would have worn this with loads of fun.  Alas, we have the Kardashian wearing it sans underwear of any kind and no class and definitely no sense of fun. Her accessory for the evening was the morose husband who did not wear a see through lace Tuxedo.

Hurrah for Australia's Jess Hart.  The Met Gala Ball's theme was China and she dazzled although it's a bit hard to see against the red carpet.  This dress is also net and could have been as classless as the other two but for the jewel encrusted lace that showed class instead of skin.  And for a bit of fun, a black pussy cat clutch.

I could have put more horrors here but for the rest go to the Daily Mail's report but do it on an empty stomach.


Anonymous said...

The first one is horrible. The second not so bad, the third, very classy.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, the front of the first one is quite nice, the back view of the Kardashian lardarse is horrendous but definitely an Aussie win. I did keep asking myself, how would they pee in those see throughs. K must have a bladder like a horse.

Elephant's Child said...

I assume as well as eschewing eating, drinking is also verboten.
Except, as you noted, Jess Hart. Love the colour too.

River said...

That red whatever-it-is on J-Lo is outright disgusting. how can anyone call it a dress. What was the designer thinking??? I don't care what J-lo was thinking.
The white would have looked fabulous on Cher; as it is it isn't too bad on the Kardashian either, with underwear it would look so much better.
Love the last dress, very classy.

iODyne said...

oh snap and I just emailed you the ridiculous big yellow gown which is already being satirised everywhere as a giant fried egg and a pizza. forget which trashionality wore it.
There was quite a good young girl in a Wonderwoman gold diadem (the yanks were calling it a crown they never know anything, what is that about America?).
The girl was famous but not to me. sigh.
Silly me thinks clothing needs to be comfortable and functional. warmth, absorbence*, pockets etc.
*sitting for hours on sequinned net must really squonk the thighs.

River said...

I'd like to see the fried egg pizza dress.

JahTeh said...

EC, most of them changed into something else for the after party almost as bad as the grand entrance frock.

River, you should search for the Versace gown worn or I should say almost worn that made her name on the fashion ghastly list but she was a lot younger then.

Stacks, Rihanna had a gold diadem but there were others with huge crown type headdresses which did nothing for them. You would have to practise the sitting to make sure the bits were covered.

River, I will email it to you.

Anonymous said...

You can train yourself to last a long time.