Monday, January 25, 2016

Cynics Rule!

After yesterday I really need some owls laden with chocolate and you lot can  contribute to my 6 million dollar comfort fund.  I love electronic begging.  Below is a post from granddaughter's FB public page.  If any of you viewers are familiar with the show The Mentalist, you'll recognize the way this woman lets information fall into her ears and runs with it.

"Guys..GOD IS INCREDIBLE.  Capitals don't even come close to expressing how I feel about Jesus right now.
WARNING: This is a long post, so SO worth it!!

Today, a lady who I have never met before approached me at church this morning for prayer for pain in her legs that has been affecting her for around 2 years now.  While we were talking she noticed my rather obvious accent and asked where I'm from.  When I said Australia, she bursts into tears and starts talking about how she has been asking the Lord to lead her to an Australian that she could connect with, because she had a dream when she was 14 (she is now 41) about a group of people with unusual bone structure that she had never seen before.  God recently reminded her of it and told her to look up 'Aborigines in Australia' and when she did, every page was covered with these faces she had seen in her dream all those years ago!.  God placed in her heart an unquenchable desire to come to Australia and be a light to the Aboriginal population of Australia, and God connected her with me to begin the fulfillment of this calling!
It doesn't even stop there...I told her I am from Brisbane, Queensland (my city and state) and again she bursts into tears. "That's where God wants me to go!!" she says excitedly, as she jumps up and down on her COMPLETELY HEALED legs.  She then asked me what church I will go to when I go home, and when I said Glory City, she almost screamed at me "THAT'S THE CHURCH GOD HAS CALLED ME TO!!".
There is no such thing as coincidence in the Kingdom.  The faithfulness of God is coming to light in more people's lives every single day, and the hope of His glory is invading this Earth like never before."

Of course the woman has money troubles and wants to bring her entire family to Australia so last I heard of this was my GG trying to raise funds to bring her to this country to do the Lord's work.  Call me a cynic but this cult church in Oz is in the business of making money not handing it out.
If only I'd known that just talking to my GG would completely heal my diabetes, my arthritic foot, my fat backside, I'd ring her immediately.
I'm an equal opportunity cynic, I loathe all religions, not all of the people involved, just the religions.
And if they want and need to invest their hope in an invisible friend floating around on some cloud, good luck to them.  To me He's just a vicious old fart who gets bored with peace and harmony so creates another war or famine or flood to have a bit of a laugh.
So sorry if I've offended any of the faithful who are reading here but this is the beauty of having an opinion that doesn't come out of a book written over two thousand years ago.  And I can't imagine anyone of faith rolling by this blog.  
I'm now going to tempt retribution by plugging in the vaccum cleaner to finish the entrance hall.


River said...

That woman knows a sucker when she meets one!
I don't like religions either, there are so many different ones all claiming to be "the only right one" i.e. 'We're going to heaven and you're not"
Anyone dumb enough to get sucked in deserves what they get. Although I do feel sorry for them, because I get unhappy when I see people being taken advantage of like that.
I like the little comic you started with, those cute little birds.

JahTeh said...

River, you can see that my GD is thoroughly into this cult.
If you liked the birds, where's my chocolate?

R.H. said...

I'll tell you something, I'm being very serious, people using the church for personal advantage will be first down the chute to hell.
And may I remind you, writings more than two thouaand years old are today studied at the highest level. They are studied as fact.

Unknown said...

Hard to believe she has almost the same genes as your good self. Religious organisations enriching themselves from the vulnerable and gullible is nothing new but it should be something that is disappearing in these supposed enlightened times.

River said...

The birds were supposed to deliver it...

JahTeh said...

Robbert, don't think I don't agree with you, I do. I watch all those programmes which dig up provable facts and I'm sure the Vatican has a heap of facts they don't want made public. The worst thing that happened to mainstream religion including Islam was being politicised. Look at Pell, still moving mountains to become Pope.
But the creeps who start these cult churches are beyond the pale and have no connection to religion.

Andrew, How do these monsters get as big as Hillsong, getting in teenagers with the singing and the 'God loves you' unless you're gay or you're a pregnant girl. They made a nice racket out of taking in pregnant girls and getting them to sign over their pension money as expenses to look after them.

River, get bigger owls, Easter is nearly upon us.

iODyne said...

yes. what everybody said. esp "choc + $6m". 'Send lawyers, guns and money. The shit has hit the fan' [Warren Zevon wrote that song].

R.H. said...

I was thinking of the ancient Greek scientists, architects, dramatists, etc, and how doctors today must take a Hippocratic oath before qualifying and philosophers like Socrates are unsurpassed.
I've known a few street preachers and heard of others. They're mad, that's all. Good entertainment. I'd much rather see them in the streets than these fake beggars.
A good definition of madness is when you believe your own bullshit, and quite few of these non-commercial cult leaders are totally mad; deluded. However, crooks doing it for money should be strung up. I think any young person drawn in by them is an unhappy person needing treatment.
Extreme Islam's success shows there's something badly wrong with Western society. It could be terminal

JahTeh said...

Thank you Miss O'Dyne, lawyers, guns and money seems to be the motto for some of those crackpot churches in California.

Robbert, they're not that mad that they don't know how to hide the money. Islam was far ahead of the west in astronomy, medicine and mathematics until extreme loonies decided it was all against Allah and destroyed most of the books, Catholics did the same. Makes you wonder why God/Allah decided to give them brains in the first place.
Wasn't it the Jesuits that said = give me a child at 7 and they will be Catholic for life. In these days it's give me a teenager who wants to help the world and it's money in the bank. How anyone can believe in Scientology thought up by a science fiction writer is beyond me but hidden behind the facade is a sack full of money.

R.H. said...

You don't get what I'm saying, I know a bloke who was suckered into a commune in Cairns during the 1970s, the commune leader (Daube) was middle-aged and his followers were teens and early twenties. Daube was not interested in money at all and took no money from them. Indeed, he provided these unhappy misfits with a purpose in life, even though it was cuckoo. The commune wasn't religious but there was a strong spiritual element (based on diet, of all things). Years after the commune broke up Daube was discovered to have died in a mental hospital. He'd been mad all along.

On Sunday nights up in Sydney I used to go into the city to watch the street preachers. There was one on each corner of an intersection somewhere along Pitt street and they were all mad. They weren't doing it for money.
There are mobs who misuse religion to make money. Hillsong could be one of them, I know nothing about it

The Jesuits said, "Give me a child until he's seven and I'll give you the man."
I think they're wrong. Poor RH lived with his daddy until he was seven, and it was wasn't too bad. From 7 onwards he was raised by mongrels, which put him on the wrong track altogether.

Davoh said...

Dunno about you Robbbberrt, but self seems to have been suckered into becoming born.
And yep - at my age, life and living seems to have become a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. Am almost at the stage (wry comment) of seeing if there is actually some way of tapping into internet communication with the Faery Sky God. Hey, do you have any friends in Russia or China who can "hack into" this internet??

Davoh said...

Ooops, apologies JT ... can't send choccies or dollars - best that i can do is -
((((((((((((Jen))))))))))))) ... heh.

R.H. said...

Aside from myself, the best commenter I've seen on these blogs was JPZ. I was floored by his cleverness, his intelligence; that boy sure had a good education. He lately commented a lot on Miss Pavlov's (the only PhD in Australia) blog and she would have liked to have gotten rid of him but couldn't because he was so stunningly erudite. Far more than she. To dump him would have been embarrassing. Meanwhile she demurred at all he said, which is testament to the size of her brain. Miss Pavlov was/is a fool.
The JPZ comment that floored me most was when he talked about God and the internet, demonstrating how (in his view) this world miracle of communication proves God's existence.
People will say the poor and ignorant are prime fodder for religion, education would fix that. But those blokes who crashed planes into the World Trade Center were not poor and ignorant, they were middle-class university graduates who took the trouble to learn to fly a commercial airliner. For an 'atheist' that's more discomforting than the event itself.

Davoh said...

R.H. fer an ignorant possum - you do write some disconcerting drivel.

Davoh said...

(and yes, Robberrt, have lived in Melbourne a while back; know what it's like to 'live on the smell of an oily rag' - and the good graces of friends in similar situations. Now? still on the smell of an oily rag - but not the same. Computers, these days, can't smell) .... heh.

R.H. said...

I was going to ask what your comment means, but then I thought maybe you don't know what it means yourself.


JahTeh said...

I'd like to know what the two of you were smoking?

I miss the good old days of blogging when one or both of you would be barred from commenting but would eventually return like the proverbial penny.

R.H. said...

Getting barred mattered nothing to me. Some of those blogs were so dreadful if it hadn't happened I'd have been worried. Bahnisch with his school kids and one-legged lesbians was a total nitwit, that bloodless thing calling itself pavlov's cat was another.
There was no end of them: mask-wearers, crawlers, bullshitters, mental bankrupts...Most had never grown up.
They were all going to save the world, the silly bastards.

Really, you could only laugh at getting barred.

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