Saturday, March 26, 2016

I wouldn't trust Australia post with a rock let alone an Easter egg.

So for our country belle, Miss O'Dyne, what could be better than a lambie tea pot.

 And look what I found for River, the infamous Harry Dresden auto, brilliant.

I thought of Elephant's Child as soon as I saw this penguin teapot, just sorry it wasn't on one of those Antarctic Cruise Liners.

And for myself a strawberry, chocolate and coffee cake which I would gladly share with all of you but you know what Australia Post would do to a slice of this.  I'll eat your share, I'm so obliging like that.

I'm still recovering from the antibiotics that didn't kill whatever's rattling in my chest (thinks of Ripley) and my sinus is acting up and the other end got a good whack of cranberry juice to stop that nonsense. I still have to see mother tomorrow and I bet there won't be a hot cross bun to be had anywhere.



Elephant's Child said...

What absolutely PERFECT gifts. Thank you.
And I hope and trust you do have that cake, or a reasonable facsimile. And that there are plenty of Hot Cross Buns.
Big sigh on the health front.

River said...

I love the Beetle, thank you so much.
I like the look of your cake too, but don't mind if you eat my slice.
I like the other gifts too, tiny little penguins :D
Could you take your own hot cross buns to the home?

JahTeh said...

EC, if I could have had a few days in bed I probably would be okay but no, mother, mother and mother. No good asking my sister for help, only I have all the information needed for each emergency. I'll be passing Baker's Delight on the way down and I'll stock up.

River, I knew you'd love his car. It was supposed to rain early this morning but you can bet I'll cop it on the way but as long s BD is open and buns are available I will manage. If I feel too bad I play your little penguin clip, always gives me a laugh.

Unknown said...

Oi. You. What about me? If you can't give me a comely local lad for Easter, a bottle of peppermint schnapps will do.

JahTeh said...

Peppermint schnapps? Of course, a fairy drink not quite the Green Fairy but a pale imitation.
Next post is for you.