Saturday, April 30, 2016

I'm glad it's going to be a long campaign

I can't credit this but thanks for the clarification.

I've always voted for the same party in the lower House but gave more thought to the Senate until I read an article written by Antony Green on how preferences are allocated.  But after much laughter about the Indies elected last time, most have done the hard yards and now come across as a lot brighter than originally thought.  The same can't be said about some of the major party Senators.
So for the first time I'm damned if I know who to vote for in this election.  What a motley mouldy bastard bunch of self serving bludgers - both parties. And the Greens made a deal with the LNP, street cred zero.

Yes, I am concerned with asylum seekers, yes, I know all the arguments about people smugglers but count up the amount of money used every day to keep these people in detention and don't tell me that it couldn't have been used in wiping out people smugglers in the first place.  And don't tell me that that amount couldn't have processed all asylum seekers in a short period of time instead of making them so desperate that they took a chance on being killed to get to safety in this country. And surely we have enough hell holes in Australia if we need to lock them up.

And then we have all the other rorts going on. I won't miss Bronwyn but I will bring her up every time a government minister calls pensioners hangers on or bludgers.  And big Clive, will I live long enough to see him in court for theft and fraud?  And thank you L and LNP ministers for environment  for not having the guts to stand up and say no thanks to miners, we'd rather keep the Great Barrier Reef to look at and frack off from the best farmland for food production.  Do any of our electeds have a spine or a bullshit detector to keep them out of the muck they're making for us?

And I must make mention of the Australian Christian Lobby.  Keep your noses out of Parliament and look to your own places of worship and money making.  Whatever your religion, Parliament is secular and if elected park your belief system in the House car park and pick it up after the session is finished. Since most of your outdated religious beliefs have a greater impact on women than men, keep it to yourself.  Once elected you are supposed to represent the people who put you in the seat regardless of how they worship or not worship.  Since some/all of you still insist that your views must be taken into consideration when in debate then a large denominational button should be pinned to your chest, it'll make it easier to know if the views are yours or coming from a higher power.

Bored now?  Probably this is as much junk as you will get in a session of Parliament and about as brilliant but I'm still in the same predicament about voting and after PUP last time round, I wouldn't even vote for a drover's dog.


River said...

I read something long ago about how votes are allocated and since then I haven't cared too much about who I vote for, although I do vote. It doesn't seem to make much difference who I pick, so sometimes I close my eyes and just stab at the sheet of paper. Some days I care about who gets elected, but most days I don't.

Anonymous said...

Love your work Jah Teh. Money spent on aid instead of confining 'refugees' would be well spent. The Great Barrier Reef is most interesting. Is it dying or isn't it? So many have cancelled bookings to visit, so we are told by bleeding operators of tours and accommodation. The Sydney Daily Telegraph tells us that bleached coral will be the new tourism boom.

Did you see that Muir had already admitted defeat in the Senate and may well be replaced by our quite old and bearded media hungry neighbour?

JahTeh said...

River, you have to really concentrate now that you are a pensioner and we are in the gun sights. It doesn't seem to matter how long we worked and most of us started young, earned nothing like a man and no access to superannuation but what a drain we are on Australia. Our combined pensions wouldn't have paid for Bronnie's helicopter flights.

Andrew, unfortunately in some northern parts it has already died because of the sea temperature rising but others are being monitored to see how fast it's deteriorating. Even in Sydney Harbour, some corals are bleaching. We'll know we're damned if the cold water corals in Bass Strait start bleaching.

I don't think he'll win, opinions about him are too polarized although if he was running up against Bolt, that would be interesting.

R.H. said...

Hello big thing I'm voting for Clive there's been no fun in local politics since big ears
McMahon with a voice like a truckload of chickens got booted. The last years of vaudeville.

R.H. said...

And leave Christians alone without them weak gutted fashonistas turning op shops into cafes would have nothing to open their big traps about. Oh my goodness you grease paint and costumed displays tromping along tram lined streets you are nothing. Same appearance same opinions. Get some guts. You SHEEP! You bore me. You are so fucking old already! Do something for low wage earners you bastards whose entire neighborhoods you've stolen and filled with your bullshit clothes shops and cafes. You're well off you cunts and know it but will never admit to your fucking selves what dirty low thieves you are. Give the poor back their slums you prissed up hairdooed "aren't I wonderful" ephemerals. Descendants of colonial governors and land grabbers who bashed and robbed the abos. Put the refugees up at your place you inner suburb crap artists. They're a threat to the working class not to you. In anglo Williamstown there's not one black face or asian. How funny is that. The anglos there don't want to LIVE WITH THEM. WHY? Because they don't sip wine and talk about the fucking ABC. The ABC, what idiocy, what doggeral, unhindered by talent, a lapdog for cafe lizards taking art to a new low. Christianity fears no one. laughing at governors, magistrates, politicians, judges, kings and queens. These cashed up well fed finger wagging bastards and all their pox offspring giving out the most expensive fart after vegetarian ect dining are NOTHING! Names "writ in water". Religion is in every born child. Mugs, arse kissers, cowards fleas and germs, try to bash it out of them.

JahTeh said...

Robbert, have you been slipping your meds to the dog again? I'm in no mood to be conciliatory to any religious belief system at the moment, in fact if you told me you were a Druid I come by and burn your sacred tree down. I've read far too much about that evangelical nutjob supernatural ministry that has enthralled my granddaughter to think kindly of anyone's invisible layabout friend running some heavenly reward palace. Which religion is in every born child, all they need is the ability to tell right from wrong and resist any attempt to shove the writings of some ancient book down their throat which says it's okay to hate. Now go and have a Bex and a good lay down.

R.H. said...

Well unfortunately, people expect this stuff from me, I can't let them down, especially the latte set for whom life without indignation is nothing. Or what would they do? Get even more depressed! Taking offence cheers them up, gets them firing for goodness sake! My deadhead academic niece on $150,000 a year looks bereaved at times, then I realise it's my fault, my failure to utter anything racist, homophobic or misogynist during the last five minutes and so I toss her something in that way and she lights up like Luna Park. She's one of them, these spruced up waddling penguins, all different and all the same.


R.H. said...

Youngsters have missed out on the best time in Australian politics, it was in the late sixties and early seventies, I don't think it will ever come again. John Gorton kicked it off with his good looking secretary, a stupendous controversy!- even Gorton's missus grabbed centre stage. "It's all bullshit," she said. Then there was Billy McMahon, "The socialist labor party want to t-a-a-ake awa-a-a-y all your mone-e-e-ey." Big Ears refused to believe he'd been defeated, staying on in The Lodge until he was dragged out. Dr Jim Cairns invented Chardonnay Socialism, women were wild about him, they went crazy, those polished shoes, that immaculate coiffure, years later he admitted he'd been on with that good looking Asian woman. Dr Jim ended up on a fruit box at Camberwell flea market, selling books he'd written to hordes of people who never bothered to open them. In the end, suave Billy Snedden ("A prime minister must have vision, integrity, and the absolute trust of his people.") trumped them all by carking it in a motel bed with a woman who was NOT his wife. BILLY DIES ON THE JOB! said Truth newspaper. And that was it. Never again. The last days of vaudeville.

R.H. said...

I forgot Al Grassby, Flash Al, the Gypos pal, minister for immigration and part time gangster. Al wore outrageously flamboyant clothes and had a moustache that looked glued on; a dark and evil sort of moustache worn by crooks in cowboy movies when I was a boy, and by foreign cads in girls romance comics of the time. He looked shifty, which was an electoral advantage in his seat of Riverina. It was Al who introduced Dr Jim to the good looking Asian woman who brought him undone. Dr Jim should have pulled the same trick on Al, but it may not have worked, there was never any evidence of him grabbing a bit on the side. which is a well-known weakness in all men. Flash Al started multiculturalism in this country and you can blame him for it; the fights, the confusion, the entire mess. After politics there were defamation cases against him that went on for years.

You can't keep someone like that out of the news. Al enjoyed being Al.

R.H. said...

I got it wrong with Billy Snedden. You cant get it right in one go. Here's his full statement:

"A prime minister must have vision, integrity, and the absolute trust of his people...Some of my friends have been kind enough to suggest that I am such a man."

"Such a man," we said, and laughed our bellies off. We kept saying it, "Such a man." It lasted for weeks. I was living behind a shop at 42 Station street Malvern with two closet homosexuals and I didn't know they were homosexuals. You can believe that, or laugh at it, it's true.

R.H. said...

Big thing you are a sapphire. The mother of the whole world.

JahTeh said...

I tell you Robbert, those were the days in politics but can you imagine now what it would be like with every twit with a phone taking photos. They wouldn't have stood a chance of hiding anything. All we had were newspapers and they weren't honest either. Dear old Snedden and squeaky voiced McMahon, if they'd had half a brain each it would have been lonely. They were all so old except for the Colt from Kooyang and he turned out to be the same old dolt as all the others.

You should take up blog sitting for money, that bitcoin stuff that I don't understand.