Wednesday, April 06, 2016

It's time for some intellectual dignity on this blog.

Columbian artist Fernando Botero (19 April, 1932) has an unique style of sculpting and painting.
How I would love this cat at the entrance of Parliament House, the idiot's door, you know the ones we stupidly voted for.  Every time a person tried to enter, bright laser eyes would shine and a voice would say "IQ undetermined. Common sense negligible. Pass politician".

 His rotund subjects are easily recognized as by Botero.  I've always wanted to be an artist's model especially if the artist looked like Leo DeCaprio which Botero doesn't but he painted big and my portrait does me justice.  No wonder I have crushed bones in my feet.  I saved your eyesight by leaving out the lavish nudes of myself, not just paintings but sculptures, all plus size.  The man had talent.

Oh yes, that would have been my kid, all curiosity.
I only said dignity, I didn't say tasteful.
He's got big feet though, so much for that old wife's tale.


Elephant's Child said...

Taste? In the eye, mouth, hands of the beholder.
Love all of these. And wish the giant cat could EAT our pollies. And leave them behind it as sad bronzed truffles in the kitty litter of life.

River said...

Intellectual dignity?
Where do I buy some of that?
Love the sculptures and that painting is fabulous.

R.H. said...

hello darlings, pimps, tattooed belles, Rh in scribble mood on a rainy day. I am moving, yea, the RH Temple of Extreme Thought is relocating -far from the noise, anger, car crashes, and latte mizzes who can't get the root they want. The standard has risen. Aye, Lizzie Bennett never asked for much, just a man with money. What would she want now? Here's a clue: people are getting married on TV to people they've never met before, all hosted by academics who are no better than prostitutes. True, and getting paid by capitalists flogging insurance. Thank Christ I was never educated.
I am moving. To a ghost town in the far west of this state, a town where bankruptcy is the norm. Where the population is old, whiskered, MERRY. In destitution the only thing to do is have a chuckle. Being broke makes you laugh like nothing else. Cobwebs, decay, FRIENDLINESS. Believe me, I've just been there, seen it.

Public (toilet) Intellectual.

Anonymous said...

The cat could be used for vetting candidates for pre-selection too, to say if the will make politicians in sympathy with existing politicians. I have smallish feet, so it is most assuredly a lie.

JahTeh said...

Andrew, so that is why you keep falling flat on your face, you'll have to buy some foot extensions.

Robbert, I hate reality tv and anything to do with marriage even 'Naked Island Dating' can't tempt me. Try afternoon tv, they do nothing but flog coffins. Far west? Should you be going so far from a hospital?

River, your blog has dignity, like a ballerina, mine's more like frilly knickered CanCan dancer.

EC, that cat would be so great in your garden but given the bird population, you'd never stop washing it.

R.H. said...

Cool it big thing. When the J.C. bans me altogether, hospital no use.