Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sunday selections without the rules.

As fond as I am of having a lap pool, I could make do with this lovely spa with a view.  As you see it was the strawberries and chocolate that caught my eye first. Never thought these words would leave my mouth but the TV will have to go, it's spoiling the view.

Now for a luxurious afternoon tea, I will be bringing on the bling as in my Swarovski crystal covered coffee cups and they will go beautifully with the cake.

This cake.  Chocolate coated sponge layers with hidden mousse centre and various types of chocolate coated strawberries and raspberries for the whiners who don't like strawberries.

 I did think of having a BBQ but honestly the work involved when I could be gossiping over cake wasn't worth it.  And who wants to dirty up a $163,000.00 gold plated man's toy.

Champagne?  Only for decoration, covered in Swarovski to match the coffee cups (or tea if you're going to be fussy).  I can't stand flowers wilting all over the place and the only alternative I could think of that we'd all like, HighRiser covered in crystals and holding a plate of sweeties, was too much trouble.  I'd have to drug, kidnap and cover him in Swarovski then tie him to a pole (could have worded that better).
Dress is formal, I'm paying.  Shoes, kick them under the luxury couches.  Fenstar DeLux, I thought of you the the minute I saw this.  I wouldn't care how much it cost, it's so you, in fact it's so you, are you modelling steampunk on the side?

 River, it was a struggle to give this up for you.  I mean a Stargate swimming pool!  But I went for the spa with the view and let you have the pool.

And what else for Elephant's Child but crystal mother and child penguins.  I wasn't looking for penguins but got off track and suddenly had penguins pages open all over the computer.  How to choose!  In the middle of this I found an article about penguin fossils in Victoria, we have them up to the wazoo and some were as big as a human.  Ditch the fairy penguins, lets have the biggies.

And we having afternoon tea here, my woman cave.  Love everything about it, especially the shape and the book shelves.  I'll look for a lovely 'lazy susan' round coffee table, gold plated as we have Swarovski crystals.  I don't want to go overboard. 


Elephant's Child said...

I do like the way you dream.

River said...

The pool is for me?? You should have seen my jaw hit the table here :)
It's the best gift ever. EVER!!

When I win my millions, I'm having one of these for sure.

Anonymous said...

Tie me to a pole? Have you been snooping on my hard drive? I thought I deleted those photos. Just one question, are the cups ok to go in the dishwasher?

JahTeh said...

EC, I love to dream. In my dream I'm nearly 180cm tall, great body and about 30 years younger, same dream that Andrew has funnily enough.

River, I thought of you immediately. Brilliant idea and when you want service from the pool boy, just press the appropriate chevron, ice-cream, move the sun umbrella, tea and scones.

Andrew, you would look so lovely covered in crystals, all shiny and sparkly.
With all this money, you think I would bother myself with dish washing?

R.H. said...

Hi big thing, what an elegant chook you are, really.

R.H. said...

Good morning big thing, you know what I want, a mansion full of dancing girls. I knew a dancing girl, she stripped at the Ritz, but she'd throw her clothes off just about anywhere. She did it at Northcote Plaza one day, all in slow motion, and we couldn't stop her. She was Ross M's girlfriend and his sisters were appalled. They wrote a letter to his father,"We came home and found Ross had broken into our flat. He had a woman with him and she looked like a prostitute."
My goodness, how awful. Well our standards were never high, me and Ross M. She was my girlfriend too.

Ann ODyne said...

oh Coppy you anarchist you - 'Sunday Selections' without the rules. thanks for the pleasure of all the gorgeous, massive love from me

JahTeh said...

Robbert, you are a wasted genius, there is a great book in that mind of yours. You should be dictating it to that mansion full of dancing girls and getting published, anonymously but we'd know it was you.

Annie O, the only thing I could think of for you and Antikva was a giant morphine patch for the pain you're both in. I thought Blogger might censor me for drug dealing.