Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some stuff I've pondered about and learned from

I don't like the cold, like frost and ice type cold.  Reasonable cold I can take.  My bones ache and I hate people who love it because they can go skiing.  I don't see the point in skiing.  You're going too fast to notice the scenery and it's cold when you break your leg in the snow.  You can see the wisdom I'm imparting to you already.

I don't really like tattoos  but I defend your right to deface perfectly good skin BUT today I saw what happens when tattoos go bad and run amok over wrinkly, scraggy arms. The art was alright but I couldn't read the book. The letters disappeared into crevices.   Before you tatt, think old.  Before you watch those captivating ink shows, think old and scraggy.  That lovely maiden down your arm will end up looking like a ferret  down a hole when you're old.

Fat diabetic people are not ruining the planet, politicians are.  Morons here decided to make us pay for blood testing strips using some survey that says watching your blood sugar every day doesn't help at all in managing Diabetes.  Funny thing, that has disappeared from the NDSS website.  I did watch Julie Bishop at the Press Club but had to turn it off when I wanted to throw something. I watched NBC news instead and got The Donald, I think his hair waved to me.  Looking at our mob, there's not one with a decent head of hair, hasn't been since Hawke.  And then I thought of Christopher Pyne with long hair, gruesome but then Dutton would look good, his head is the same back and front. Yes, he really is a two-faced bastard.

Footballers!  Eddie, really, you're joking in a crowd of blokes and the only one you can think of to drown in ice water is a woman who wasn't even there.  It's no good saying sorry, if you said it, you were thinking it and if you were thinking it, it was hatching in whatever you use for a brain.  Perhaps a drug test might be in order for football panelists?

Taxis, my favourite form of transport.  I have my regular drivers, they usually ask, home, pub or the Home and try not to be rough with my battered old walker.  But I had a snotty one on Sunday. Very pretty silver cab, black seats, immaculately dressed driver who looked down on me and said, "You have hair on your coat".  Well, yes, I'm wearing a black cloak and I own a white cat that is like a walking snow storm.  Shedding does not describe what this cat does with his fur.  White tumble weeds blow across the floor in every room.  And why did he feel he had to mention this?  His seats, his lovely black seats in his silver cab, I was going to sit on one and leave HAIR.  I told him if I couldn't get the hair off my cloak then it wouldn't transfer to his bloody seat.  He also hated my walker.  He didn't get a tip.  And when I looked back he had taken a sticky brush out of the glove box and was going over the seat. Snot.

I mentioned the cat, he's here and it's 5.32, 32 minutes past feeding time.  Sheds everywhere but never in the food dish, too busy taking his food out of his crystal dish and eating it off the floor.


River said...

I love that icy river you have pictured there and agree 100% with enjoying the cold, but hating the frost and ice part. For me, frosty air sets of my asthma and I cough my way through the morning. So I've chosen to stay in bed until 8:30am for the duration.
Ice Bear gets a crystal bowl? Angel has a $2 bowl from cheap as chips, several of them in fact, so he always has a clean one. I think I wash his dishes more than I do my own.
Pooh on snotty taxi drivers. Having said that, I do prefer clean taxis.
Three of my children have tattoos.

jabblog said...

i so agree with you about tattoos - I've often wondered if people consider what they'll look like in forty years' time but then young people never think 40 years ahead. My granddaughter has a couple of small tattoos but her husband and his brother are competing with David Beckham.
What a rude taxi driver - I hope he loses his licence.

Elephant's Child said...

As you know I do like the cold. No virtue in it though - it is part of the no sense no feeling thing. And the one and only time I went skiing I was much faster (and overtook people) on my face.
That taxi driver must cringe doing the late night runs in the city when a sticky brush would be useless against the avalanche of puke.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Gee I only been Taxi once in my life.
Usual on my blog I will grip about something or may not.
Came in from Mr Rat.
If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

Anonymous said...

An interesting little slice of your life. 5:32? You surprise me. Must be PM, not AM.

JahTeh said...

River, I only get up because of the cat and a pee. The bowls were from a sale and were cheaper than the $2 shop, very up market, heart shaped with roses. I don't know what the fascination is about tattoos but I would consider a tiny pair of glasses with a lightning strike, Harry Potter. I don't like pain.

Jabblog, I do love your dogs and cats, beautiful. I'm watching Masterchef and I'm surprised at how many of the contestants and Chefs are covered in tatts and they don't look clean. I mean I know they are but they just don't.

EC, I always look at the Canberra temp to see how comfortable you'll be for the day. The taxi driver was quite out of place down here in the 'Burbs. I think he drove a customer here and couldn't get out of the area quickly enough, back to a swanky hotel.

Hello peppylady, expect a visit from me. I can't drive so I love my taxis, bus drivers just love old fat ladies struggling to get on the bus, they take off like jet planes before we're seated.

Andrew, I was out most of the day, doctor's and Southland so definitely PM. I've never seen a 5 a.m. for years. I ran out of arthritis pills and discovered pain I didn't know I had.

Ann ODyne said...

darling Coppy - so sorry the aches overtook you. I concur that the seemingly pointless pills really do halve the ague. as for that taxidriver I hope he gets hell on NYE with the vomiters.

Never mind tattoos* on old people, when boob implants on 85-year-olds hit the mortury slab pointing their perky way up to the sky it's gonna look pretty funny.
*my tatt of choice would be the HAZCHEM symbol, right on my chest.
wishing you all a warm week