Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Crapday.

 I really wanted this.
 I'd have been satisfied with this.
 I'd have gone crazy if this had arrived at the door.
All I got was a jumper from the Ice Bear knitted under the influence of that LSD tab he found under the couch.
Happy Crappy Day to me.


Ann ODyne said...

massive wishes for you to have a gloriously peaceful and rewarding anniversary of your birth day - only doing what you want to do. mwah mwah and
IF I could bake, I woulda baked you those cakes.

Elephant's Child said...

Echoing Annie ODyne.

River said...

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear JahTeh,
Happy Birthday to you

it's a good thing you can't hear me (*~*)
did you get the cake I emailed?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday darls. With your mother being a good age, you are worth investing time and effort in, as you will be around for a long time.

R.H. said...

Happy birthday big thing, I baked you a cake then tried it out in the backyard with all the candles lit and someone called the fire brigade. I guess it's too soggy to send to you now.


JahTeh said...

Every time I look at that cake, I drool. At least River emailed me a virtual cake.

Andrew, my mother is going to take me with her in a Viking's funeral. This week I swear I never thought I would outlive her so I decided to suicide by cake but it was raining so much I couldn't get out to buy one.

Thank you Robbert, always the joyful soul and I bet the candles could be seen from the International Space Station. Was it sponge? Did it have whipped cream? Passionfruit icing? You know there's a market out there for people like me, scratch and sniff birthday cake cards.