Sunday, August 14, 2016

My usual take on Sunday selections. And I'm officially going to be a great grandmother. And I'd like to be moderately rich.

The newly appointed heads of the Australian Board of Statistics.
Notice the hair do, already looks like it's been torn out in frustration.
Notice the beady eyes, already shifty and they haven't stuffed up yet.
Notice the beaks, long enough to stick right into your business.

I'm adding another string to my bow.
Crazy mouse lady.
If this was USA I could have gone out and bought
a howitzer and blown the stove to bits
and killed the little mongrel.
But I'm still living with the cunning creep.

Several political parties are dead ahead for this.
The rest of this year could be very interesting.
I wish I had money invested in a lifeboat company.


Anonymous said...

Quite so. You can never go wrong in investing in a metaphorical life boat.

River said...

I wonder if those two new ABS statisticians will be better than the last lot? They look pure (white) but looks can be deceiving (*~*)
I'd like to be moderately rich too, but I'd settle for obscene wealth if it came my way.
Do you know what month the great grandbaby will be born?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the great grand baby!I have everything I need. If wealth came my way now I would probably give it to those who need some help.

Elephant's Child said...

The mother of your grand baby told you? I hope so. I really hope so.
I suspect that lifeboasts are another of the ones I would miss.

Ann ODyne said...

"... and I'd like to be moderately rich ... " - darling Great Grand Coppy you are rich, very rich in friends and heart/brain/+humour leaving most people back in the starting blocks. Surge forward like a valkyrie and never look behind ...

iODyne said...

Bravo on that birdy illustration - captures the two ABS numpties press conference perfectly. The actual birds are wonderful though. clever you.
Also, the mouse frock is ab fab and I wish I went to the type of occasion where it could be worn.
Keep 'em coming. x x

JahTeh said...

Andrew, the way my life is going at the moment even a metaphorical life boat would have a hole in the bottom.

River, I've known for months all about this baby by using my non de plume FB and creeping around the daughter-in-law (ex) public pages. Being rich is like walking a plank, you want just enough wood to make it safely to the other side but a little more to make it enjoyable.

My dear Rat, congrats would have made me happier had I been told before 7 months were up. The wealth thing is so tricky like charity. Give someone living on the street a cigarette and he's happy, slip him a second and he looks forward to a treat later on but give him a packet and he panics, too many other people waiting to take that packet away. Even being kind can give one a nervous breakdown.

EC, finally a call from the blue, speaker phone with her sister which made me wonder if the conversation was being monitored. iODyne had it when she thought the partner had the look of my son and he seems to have the same nice personality and overjoyed about being a father.

Annie O, we're at an age when we can afford to look like we want to and it, in my case, looks like upper class bag lady. Still nothing beats lounging around in a velvet caftan circa 1970 and I have two.

Davoh said...

Oooer, knice knees. Where can i find a 65 year old female with knees like that .... heh.