Monday, January 30, 2017

All lies says the leader

He's won, he's the President, the big cheese, and still he whines and complains that his turnout march was bigger than Obama's.  Cameras lie but not as much as he does.
I hope it is photoshopped for the big blank spot of the Universe but no doubt about this, Attenborough Rules.

(it's okay Annie, I checked nothing is being chewed to death amongst the penguins)

I wonder if Teh Leader is going to ban animal migration from Alaska to Mexico even with their green card stuck to their butt?

We live in interesting and arresting times.


carolyn said...

Good one. I really enjoy your humor. I apologize to the world for our current resident of the White House (can't even type his name). Interesting times indeed.

JahTeh said...

Thank you for visiting and it is hard to type his name without spitting. Then it's the same in this country with our sitting Parliament, there's not a head I can look at without wanting to hit it with a brick although since I am a lady, I would wrap it in silk and lace.

River said...

That's a LOT of penguins! Hope there's enough fish..
Who was that other guy you mentioned?

JahTeh said...

El Chi will adore the penguins. I'm beginning to think after signing the latest petition that perhaps we should just turn our backs on the ginger muppet and refuse to acknowledege his existance, no publicity, nothing in the news, just total ignore. It would drive him crazy.