Thursday, April 20, 2017

What luck, two scammers vanquished in 10 minutes.

I have this set as background on my computer and sometimes when I'm trying to think if I did anything that was interesting in the past week, I'll just sit and look at it.  I don't like being dragged out of my dreaming by idiots trying to scam electricity and phone plans on me.  I don't care if it's the only job they could find to feed their 4 wives and 16 kids, I will yell and rupture their eardrums on a bad day but on a good day, I will use a voice straight out of the Actor's Workshop.  From my "Punk" Clint Eastwood to my poisonously sweet Miss Marple, they hang up very quickly. 

Saw mother yesterday, wanted to hit mother with a brick yesterday but got revenge by taking her cake home and eating it myself.  Every time Doc Marvin goes away on holiday, she begins the long dying and everyone is supposed to tend to her and no-one else.  From the look on the face of her favourite carer yesterday, she did yell at her no matter how many times she denied it.  She doesn't have the strength to have a really good cough and get the garbage out of her lungs but one small tablet last night did the job.  She feels so much better today so there must be some way I can get the Doc out of the country for a month's holiday.  And she'll have the flu vac next week and I'll have to remind her for the seventh year in a row that the headache is only a side affect not a brain tumour.

5.07 and the cat is right behind me, eyes boring into my brain.  He knows he's in trouble. He brought a friend in to play with, got bored and let the cockroach disappear under the stove.  I have no guilt about spraying under there with roach spray and if it gets the mouse so much the better.  Perhaps I had better feed him first in case he smells it and hacks up on the carpet.  Why are cats never polite enough to go out the open door when it's a paw away from the chucking spot?

Still two scammers vanquished is always a good day.

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