Sunday, June 11, 2017

Almost normal

I can't believe how long it is since I had enough energy to blog.
Most of May is a blank and you will be pleased about that since I contracted a vile bacterial infection that laid me flat on my back for nearly two weeks.
I know I've said some crappy things about my sister over the years but when she knew what I was going through, she arrived with face mask, rubber gloves and starting washing the unspeakable towells that were in the bath. She even washed the dishes and vac'd the carpet. I don't think I've ever been so glad to see her before.

Three home visits from Doc Marvin and his offsider and the right medication and I started to recover and this morning I walked to the shop for my first coffee in over a month.  Coffee is the first thing I go off when I'm crook.  But parched and trying to eat to take pills, a mouthful of ice cold lemonade is divine.

In the middle of all this the nbn shows up again.  And Optusnet is lucky it shuts down for the weekend.  After 5 calls this week I could not stand another imbecile to hate and want to punch. I now have internet, mobile but no landlines, I don't even know if the mobile is wifi or still pre-paid.
The nbn 2nd moron without telling me moved the connection outside next to my bedroom. The nbn 3rd had a brain and asked me was that where I wanted it, no, two windows down next to my study where the bloody computer is.  He was good, even put back the loose tiles for me, did something he wasn't supposed to but I did look like death and connected the nbn thingy.  All this after I'd dragged so much out of the sewing room so the guy could get to the corner which they never used.  The study, I didn't touch so this poor bloke had to crawl through the shredding carpet, dust and rubbish to put in the whatever.  The saga is continuing and I have some Optus piece of crud coming out next Friday to make sure everything is set. I will hide the geologist's pick and the hammer.

Next on the list was the specialist for sinus.  I had to dye my hair,  it had turned white while I was ill but still had some red on the tips.  I looked like a cockatoo.  I had been too weak to shower and was washing in the bathroom basin but I needed a shower.  I had everything ready including a chair to sit on while I dried off.  Carefully into the shower, wash dye out of hair, wash legs while I'm bending over because standing up makes me woozy but a sort of bang made me stand up quickly as the hot water tap sprayed boiling water everywhere.  Fortunately I don't have a fixed shower head and banged the arm down to the wall and I'm stuck in the corner.  After edging my way out and standing in the cold I still manage to wash.  After that I rang SE water faults and the girl asked if that noise was the water running, Niagra Falls was still going.  Could I go outside and turn off the water, no.
Do you have a plumber, no.  I've always called them for plumbers involving loads of water so she had one in the area. He arrived, 20 minutes later the disintegrated washer in the tap was fixed and so was my $105.00.

Next day, cold and I never realized how far away North Road Brighton was as I watched the taxi fare climb.  Half hour in a freezing cold (oh how I hate polished board floors) waiting room and slightly more than half an hour, consultation and camera up my nose (no, I didn't want to watch a movie of the inside of my nose) no cancer or tumour , deviated septum and he lost interest in operating when I let him know I didn't have medibank Private.  Out I go to the desk where I'm presented with a $335.00 account, oh yes he bulkbills after you pay, thank goodness for credit cards, done and I got a refund in the bank before I was home.  Raining now, taxi at least knew where he was going and another fist full of notes disappeared.

I don't know the results yet because I'm still saving for my doctor.  Mick the mower beat him to the last of my savings.  And there is still two pairs of glasses to be picked up, $200 each but I had money back on those because it was only lens.

And just to edge me closer to breakdown, I have Annie O'Dyne driving around Melbourne from up bush and Antikva telling me she wasn't well and me yelling get to the hospital and by the time she took notice, she had to be operated on. Thank God we live at opposite ends of the state or we'd probably kill each other.   Mother is fine, thanks for not asking.  She got such a shock at how I looked, pre hair renovation, that she insisted I stay home and just ring her.  Of course I don't have a landline, thanks Optus, thanks Malcolm Turnbull, you cretinous moron.

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