Wednesday, January 24, 2018

There's a bad moon rising

We have a super moon this week, very close to earth and I'm not sure if we will have the blood moon of the northern hemisphere or just a weak version. 
I know it's an old wives tale that a big super moon makes strange things happen but this week already we have had 3 volcanic eruptions, earthquake off Alaska setting off a tsunami and trust Japan to do it better, volcanic eruption with avalanche. 
Icing on the cake, snow covering the Sahara.  We had a meteor miss the planet last week an no-one saw it coming. They did see it passing. 

Starfish are eating the Great Barrier Reef, rumours of a crocodile wandering Yeppoon and an epidemic of poisonous Stone Fish on Qld beaches.  Bats are falling out of the trees because of the heat, dead before they hit the ground.  

BUT MOTHER STILL LIVES.  Bloody woman and her cockroach DNA.

Yes more drama, don't ask.

I'm waiting on the moon.


R.H. said...

Of course mother still lives! What's the matter? She'll check out when she's ready!- not when anyone else says so. Wake up to yourself!

Darlings I have gone from sleeping in derelict cars and dorms full of dirty old drunks - to living in STYLE. All I know is this land is where I took my first steps, and will welcome its flag raised on the 26th of January.

poet, philosopher, peeping tom.

(Apologies to all lapdogs, sycophants, fashionistas, queers and etc...)

Jayne said...

And the weekend to be both days of 40 with a tsunami of heat stroke and a side serving of dehydrated elderly :(

JahTeh said...

You forgot 'snowdropper', you really should keep your CV in order Robbert. I hate flag waving except if that flag kept you warm when derelict. Children are allowed to whine about their parents, it's a contract signed before birth.

Jayne, I never throw out my gin bottles, such a pretty colour and I fill them with water for the hot days but seems I'll have to put in a supply of ice cubes as well.
Have you still got the old bathtub in the backyard, the one you used to loll naked in on hot nights?

River said...

I'll miss the supermoon, as always, just not close enough to any horizon to see it rising. By the time the moon is visible here, she is just a dot high in the sky.

Jayne said...

I certainly have, in fact I have TWO although one is filled with dirt, weeds and dead, dead herbs.
The other is my lolling "Infinity Pool" ;)

Beth Waltz said...

Here in the States we have websites devoted to showcasing "Wal-Martians": very odd individuals who shop at WalMart. Sightings spike at full moons. A Super Moon should bring out both spotters and spottees. (Note that I've been inside a WalMart only twice -- and I won't do it again unless at gunpoint.)

Davoh said...

Yer ... and at sometime there's a Leonid meteor shower ...
and am guessing that Doctor Who and the Tardis will turn up and "Save you all".

(um, am having a grumpy day .. week ..)

JahTeh said...

River, batten down the hatches and listen to the loony upstairs. Let us know if a big full moon like this does affect the slightly off balance crackerjacks. At least these days we get some beautiful photos of the shaded moon.

Jayne, I'm proud of you, a terrible gardener and your backside still fits in the other tub. You'll be safe Robbert lives a long way from you now.

Beth, I've seen some of those photos on Pinterest. I'm disgusted with myself for laughing at them but sometimes it's impossible not to laugh. Why is it always Walmart?

Davoh, you're always grumpy. Aren't the Leonids later in the year? Damn you, I'll have to look it up, my brain has been fried since Monday.

JahTeh said...

Of the three big showers, we'll miss the Quadrantids in January because of the full moon then there are the Perseids in August and Geminids in September. There are also a bucket load of other showers but these will be the brightest this year.

Ann ODyne said...

I had not seen my mother for 45 years when she died IN THE DOCTOR'S WAITING ROOM* age 72, of a smoking-related heart attack. I feel OK. Give yourself a break, we will cheer for you.
* 3 of them trying to save her and my father said "Let her go"

Those Bombay Blue Sapphire gin bottles are perfect for icing water in the frig. We get the cool on Monday night. Love and sympathy to you from the South West paddocks

R.H. said...

My love's bigger than a Cadillac
Me and Maid River in the back.

(With utmost sincerity)

R.H. said...

I wanted to post that on her blog but she has a history of deleting me.
A poet is never deleted; Keats is alive, Shelley is alive, Byron was a peeping tom.

R.H. said...

Darlings this will make you laugh, I moved some of my stuff from the Wimmera in the back of a ute, INCLUDING a cardboard box containing a stack of my magnificent poetry. Speeding along I saw in the rear view mirror what looked like birds flying about, then I realised it was pages of my magnificent poetry, scattered above the highway and far into the wheat fields!
Good heavens. Well that'll sure give those yokels something to ponder over.

Available to marry Maria Sharapova, if she's interested.

Davoh said...

Aahhh ... can escape the 'bad moon rising' - this time ... too overcast cloudy.
( but do have pics of the previous 'super close, blue, blood Moon" celestial event - if anyone is interested ... heh)

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