Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Black moon month

No full moon in February but plenty of sickness and tiredness and forgetting of things like a whole tub of coffee ice-cream in the back of the freezer. 
I'm sick but getting better but my lungs are still throwing up bits and my head is hurting.  I should have had antibiotics but by the time I realized I was that crook I was too bad to go out.  I never thought I would welcome the winter Olympics but I found I couldn't get any sleep lying down in bed so up in the chair and turn on the tv.  I'd watch, sleep, watch, sleep until I would stagger off to bed about 4 in the morning and sleep maybe an hour. Anyhow Doc Marvin is away to Hawaii for two weeks and he's been dealing with mother and I didn't want to load him up with this bug, he needs the rest and I could only think of a plane load of germ warfare would have Trump declaring war on us.
The Olympics had some weird and wonderful new ways to commit intensive pain and breakage.  The thought of flying down a bloody big jump, do somersaults and land on a steel rail only to somersault off to another steep downhill could only come from some deranged mind who thinks snow is a soft landing. Nuts. The snow was so hard on one day it stripped the bottoms off the skis.
As for the Russians, how dumb to you have to be when the BigWigs allow a few athlethes to compete under a neutral flag and they still drugged up. 
The problem was I would drift off to sleep in one event and wake up in another, very Alice in Wonderland. All this to a concerto of hacking coughs and squeeze the knees together dear, just in case.  I am not a fan of caged birds but that's what my lungs sounded like, squeaks, chirps, flutters, croaks and then the coughing would start.  Still it had its uses, scared the tripe out of the godbotherers, and cold callers hung up in a tick.

I haven't seen mother since February the 14th and when I ring in the morning, the first thing I do is hang a screaming cough into the phone.  I've told her I'm trying to get better for her birthday, see that, birthday, 7 days and she'll be 88 and expecting cake. She wants a clock for her birthday, I won't do it, 5 clocks in 9 years and everyone had something wrong with it. Wrong colour, ticks too loud, can't see the numbers and on and on.  I'm giving her money and she can bribe one of her minions to buy anything she wants.  But she does miss seeing me, in one day she had 4 visitors and in two weeks I've seen 3 people.

One thing about plonked in front of the tv is watching the ads.  Oh  how boring and loud.  And what's with the stupid tart filling the car at the service station in the middle of the night with two kids in the back seat? Great she can pay by mobile but doesn't she ever watch 'Supernatural' when vamps love hanging around waiting for twits like her.  I am already thoroughly over the Grand Prix and it's not even March. I am over all reality shows which are going to tsunami every channel now that the Olympics are over.  Forget dating shows, unless you're channel surfing in the middle of the night and come across Naked Island and that's exactly what they are, naked, drooping boobs and dangling knobs. It kept me awake for 10 minutes but boooooring, seen one droop, one dangle and you've seen them all.

I need a cup of tea and I know I haven't answered the comments on the last post.
The very late Christmas gifts or very early birthday presents are together at last and will be sent whenever.  Annie O presented a problem, her Lily goat broke a horn off and I didn't know whether to send a gold ribbon for the other horn to make her feel better.  I told you to get a horse, didn't I.

No dresses have been made or housework done in the writing of this post.


River said...

I read this early this morning, opened the comment box and my laptop battery died. So I plugged it in to charge and went back to sleep. Of course now I've forgotten what I wanted to say, so I'll just hope March is a better month for you, then the rest of the year too.

Beth Waltz said...

Many in my part of the planet have suffered under the "Black Moon" this month. When we seniors complained that it felt like the 'flu (which we'd already had in many flavors),the NP performed the ancient Egyptian mortician ritual with the nasal poker and said: "Nope. Not,'flu. Just a nasty bacterial infection. Here, take 875mg penicillin 2X day for 10 days and see what happens..." What happens is the infection is cleared away along with all those useful gut bugs that aid digestion. Next on the list of cures is yoghurt!

What does one give an 88-year-old for her birthday, who's asked for a clock? My father fancied a watch for his, so we gave him a "fashion watch" with a giant face from the kiddie's store. Since he wouldn't have thought a child would wear a watch, he never knew and thought its waterproof qualities were a practical feature.

JahTeh said...

River, you needed that sleep so keep letting yourself do it. Let's hope we both have a better year. I tried making a bucket list but only got as far as 'punch sister in mouth'. I'll have to try harder.

This time no antibiotics just natural concoctions but if it had gone on much longer I would have had to go to the Doc. All this health stuff is a balancing act and I haven't bothered to take my sugar stab, one pain a day is enough.
It's not only the clock but a tiny torch to show the time during the night. Her twin sister is coming to see her so I bought two matching brooches. Watches won't do because of the arthritis thickening the wrist. She got herself thoroughly confused when she bought a clock that showed weather etc when it was turned around to a different colour.

Ann ODyne said...

oh darling Coppy I love your bucket list.

cherish that peace&quiet
I would be happy with no visitors at all.
Poor Lily goat is unhappy despite the 'big animal' vet making a paddock call with pain relief and infection control. after 2 weeks it looks like the flattened horn will just drop off the root part at her skull. She slept in the laundry last night.

A nurse watch that pins on a cardi and is viewed upside down could be the go for Mum.
I have just read the saga of Highrisers weekend and you are luckier in the Mum category.

JahTeh said...

Annie,I worried about the fires but knew you could bundle Lily in the car and run for it. Antikva as well but she has 3 grandkids, two cats and husband to wrangle.
I've emailed but I suppose most of the internet is off.