Wednesday, March 21, 2018

I am a comsumer of pretties

 I have a set of china mugs, 2 pink, 2 aqua and 2 white, gold edged and painted with Peonie roses.  I haven't used them in 3 years but I thought this spoon in each one would set them off in the crystal cabinet.

And while I was trawling through ebay I found this lovely Swarovski Princess brooch.  I have bought from this company before, a long pearl drop studded with tiny crystals and I bought the earring to match even though they were for pierced ears.  I had fittings, tiny and believe me they had to be tiny for the earrings and I converted them in a flash.  So this brooch is not for me but for Mothers Day and Mother.  She'll love it. 

This photo doesn't quite show the Swarovski sparkle but I loved the cut of the stone for the skirt.
I now have to stop shopping for pretties, the sales are over and the new stock has gone up in price but I have done well with only three to take apart for the stones because they were so badly made even I couldn't fix them.


Elephant's Child said...

I am really glad to hear that even while sick things of beauty call your name.
And of course your mother will love her present.

River said...

The brooch is gorgeous, your mother will love it, and I LOVE the spoon, did you get a spoon for each mug?

JahTeh said...

El Chi, it arrived this morning and is about the same size as the photo. The crystal is faceted and looks lovely with rainbow flashes.
I am getting better but last night was funny. I kept hearing a beep and thought my mobile might be out of battery, it was my lung going beep when I breathed in. Better than the aviary squawking two weeks ago.

River, how could you think I would buy only one spoon but I do have another set on my watch list. They're very plain with just two tiny leaves at the end, very elegant but Malcolm the Miserable is going on with this GST on ebay goods, mongrel messing up the only pleasure I have.

Elephant's Child said...

Not only GST but a tax to pay for scanning it too - which could be up to $7 on each parcel. Sigh. Malcolm the Miserable Mongrel.

bestfriend said...

this is good!