Friday, May 11, 2018

Blog, please brain, blog

This is to remind all that I haven't forgotten you.  I've had this photo up as wallpaper for the past weeks, I named the ice floe 'Elephant's Child' and El Chi is right there as upstanding as Captain Smith on the Titanic. I am at the stage of posting Christmas in July goodies when the sleet and freezing wind decides to move on.  I have already been to Optus at Southland twice this week and one more day might have finished me off.  First time was a bust because I forgot to take my passport. Down to the first floor from the third to JBHiFi to buy a new battery for my camera. They don't have a battery for this camera.  But, but you have the camera on sale still and I do remember having to pay extra for a battery when I bought the camera and you still have a photo on the wall with the price.  Yes, we sell the camera but we don't have that battery.  By this time and you remember I've already been to Optus, my temper was ramping up to cyclone category 10 especially since he said I should try Ted's Camera Store which is on the third or second floor and I was on the first floor having just staggered down from the third floor.  Tell me, was I wrong in pointing out that selling an item that you know needs a battery (and I was pissed about that in the first place) and you know you don't have that particular battery in stock is in the region of FRAUD. Luckily I didn't put the camera in my bag as the security on the door wanted to search it and if I'd had an hour to spare I would have let him.  Third floor was a place to far to travel when I needed food and a new cafe had opened four staggers away.  Nice food, great coffee, lovely comfy banquettes to sit on but a little low to the floor for fat over balancing old tarts.  It took me five minutes to get up and out without knocking over the table or my walker or tripping over my feet. Elegance has had its day with me regarding comfy banquettes.

Back again to Optus the next day.  Girl on floor duty, familiar from frequent visits last year, said if I would come to the counter and speak quietly she would help me.  Apparently no-one would serve me because of my reputation, little bastard from yesterday got in before me because I was going to demand another person instead of him.  Karma still works, I was quiet and polite especially as she waited for 15 minutes for the Customer Care music to stop and a person answered. She finally had some higher up come and break into the music. I was still very polite even when she pointed out that it would cost me $45 cancellation fee to put the mobile back to pre-paid (memo:read contracts).  It's pre-paid but on a long period, instead of $30 a month it goes for 180 days or something. Yeah! I said I'd fix the Internet another day and it comes to mother's phone. I was dreading having to buy another phone because she's so used to using the answer button and nothing else on this old thing but joy, it only needed a new sim card and a new number and $30 credit also on a long whatever.  

So I am back to ringing twice a day on the landline to mobile and I'd say if Telstra ever added up how much 65 calls a month of up to an  hour or so cost they'd regret putting me on the $85 plan. Two days of taxi fares was up near $40 but at least the old girl had her phone back, she still can't remember how to ring me so the $30 is safe for the moment. Sister hasn't rung me so I haven't bothered to give her the new number.  Did I say she was back from the holiday in Qld?  She loves it there, can't wait to move and neither can I.  

I made a comment somewhere about wallpapering a ceiling, remind me to blog
that while the memory still has the brilliant horror of it all.  I can tell you how I removed it, locked the boys in the bathroom and promised money when they'd finished. Permission to destroy, there's nothing like it.
I will now have coffee which will cost me not a cent and then ring mother.


Elephant's Child said...

It is chilly here today. Finally.
And how I love that ice floe.
Sigh on all the problems which continue to beset you.
My mobile is still on prepay and I have no intention of changing it.

River said...

What? What? Wallpapering a ceiling?? Those things get mould resistant paint, not wallpaper. Unless you're talking about a doll's house.
The battery saga is odd. I agree with you, they shouldn't be selling cameras they don't have batteries for. When I bought my Sony, it came with a battery, a rechargeable one and straight away bought an extra battery ($70!!) and it's been worth it, I can use one until it goes flat, then switch batteries and keep taking photos. Did you eventually get to Ted's and find a battery?

Anonymous said...

So, life goes on much the same. Keep fighting the good fight.

Unknown said...

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Beth Waltz said...

Didn't super-vlogger Casey Neistat initially gain fame by pointing out a certain cell phone did NOT have a replaceable battery? What a battle you endured over that battery! It's not really funny, but that must have been an entertaining 15-minute wait for a human to come on the customer service line.

Looking forward to the report on the ceiling wallpaper adventure, particularly the part when you "lock the boys in the bathroom". ? My father was very crafty when he hired sub-contractors to do finish work (which they love to abandon after lunch). He would lure them in, show them the job, give them the half-up-front check, and then "step out to the truck for something he forgot" -- at which time he would park his own truck across theirs, blocking their escape until they completed the day's task.

Another instance of his craftiness was his innovative approach to locating missing brick masons on Mondays. He simply went down to the local jail and inquired whether they had any masons in need of bail... My nephew has tried this technique with plumbers' assistants in Savannah; however, he complains that "all they ever have are brick masons." ?!

Jayne said...

I suspect the lack of battery sales is due to some shonky agreements with other similar stores - Coles & Woolies have agreements to sell similar but not identical products (one will sell 3 flavours of a product while the other sells another 4 different flavours) etc.
Ceiling wallpaper - something the idiot ex did or should have been glued under?

JahTeh said...

El Chi, minus 1 in Canberra this morning. The fog here didn't lift until 2 p.m. and when I picked up the mail, it was damp. Sounds like Parliament when ScoMo is speaking.

River, my excuse was young and rebelling against 70s mission brown. I never let the idiot near anything that could be spilt especially glue or paint. Never mind the batteries, try buying LED bulbs and working out the wattage.

Andrew, I can't wait until you're my age and fat and crippled and fall over a lot and can't get the lids off jam jars and can't drink either. Means I'll still be older than you but it gives me a reason for living.

Jhon, After spending a day in a shopping centre, I hate kids. Mothers should keep them safe and comfortable at home.

Beth, there's no problem getting tradesmen, it's making sure they can do the job without the house falling down later. The ex was completely useless unless it was something to do with a bbq, he just loved setting fire to meat.

Jayne, do you mind, it was my idea and superb execution involving a broom holding up one end while I walked the length of the roof with a smoother also involved an ability to almost do the splits. I wallpapered the toilet 3 times, B of a job that was and the last time was because dear boys took to drawing little faces with big eyes hiding in the leaves. Once seen couldn't be unseen.

Beth Waltz said...

While having a quiet evening here in the American Midwest, resting from labors in the garden and the ordeal of shopping in the town, I'm now taking refuge in a favorite YouTube channel, "Althemed Docs", which currently lists all 12 episodes of "Professor Hutton's Curiosities". Perhaps you're already acquainted with Ronald Hutton and his exploration of pagan history -- if not, do look in!

iODyne said...

oh hi Coppy. thrilled to see your post and much sympathy re the trekking from 3rd floor to 1st floor to 3rd floor.

JahTeh said...

Beth, I would love that show but Youtube eats up all of my Internet money so I stay away from it.

Annie, read next post, I need sympathy, send cup cakes.